Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bachelor Weekend (sort of)

pizza + beer = yahooo!

Ok, not really. 

Greta and Sada are headed north to Seattle for the weekend while I'm here with Piper and my adopted child Ben.  I'm not sure who naps or eats more, but I'm grateful that I don't have to change his pants or get him cups of juice.  Ben DID have a Memorial Muffin, so perhaps he'll be so moved as to post about them daily. 

We'll get a swim in together in the lagoon tomorrow at 5:20am (which he's explained is not the best time for a professional to be up) and then we're on our own.  This puts a bit more strain on the weekend workouts but I think we'll be able to cover it so I'm not dying come Monday night for a workout. 

The good news is that this means we'll be able to pull out Rock Band and we can get our band back on tour.  We are looking for a lead singer but have had no takers - (Greg, you're pretty much the only one who we hear should be filling out an application).  I expect to get in a few good hours of Kiss' 'Detroit Rock City' and The Outlaw's 'Green Grass and High Tides' (which could be one of the greatest songs ever, definitely for songs over 10 mins long). 

Today I did some LT testing at Endurance PTC.  I was definitely better than the last time we tested (about 12 weeks ago) but I'm back to where I was last summer - but for some reason, I'm significantly quicker by about 2mph on the bike.  I can't explain it - but at least things are headed in the right direction.  I'm also about 2% leaner than a few weeks ago, so that too is good.  Lastly, there's also some weirdness when it comes to my physiology and when I race, I'm off the charts when compared to what I 'should' be able to do. 

San Jose is in a week (and 2 days) and Vineman is <8 weeks out.  Ugh... the stress of another 70.3.  why why why...


  • Here's a site that I found, I'm sure it's not new to anyone, but it is to me: 
  • Ben just ran out to swim and to get me some pumpkin for a certain cupcake-like breakfast pastry thing.  Rhymes with 'luffins'. 
  • I'm on disc 3 of Miami Vice Season 3.  SO GOOD.
  • My neighbor is super famous.  Really famous.
  • The human head weighs 8 lbs.
  • My thighs are 58cm around.  They also look good and are very strong.
  • I'll miss my girls (the big one the most, the smaller one I'll miss proportionately - based on size) when they're gone.
  • Here are my baby girls.  I'll also find a picture of 'Uncle Ben' that you'll enjoy. 

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Kelly said...

so 1. i want ben to teach me how to swim really really fast, 2. pyshiology (spelled so wrong) is soo wierd like that, like you shouldnt be able to do what you do, i dunno that made sense and 3. im totally going to make up stories about who your neighbor could be now

Anonymous said...

wait who do you live next to? I know Johny Mosely's parents live down there but who else?

Anonymous said...

so are you saying you are better in the lab than on the race course, or vice versa?

i've put in some remarkable workouts over the years, but if anything I'm better on the race course. at least relative to the average. That boost of andrenaline and the competition send me over the edge.

Loren Pokorny said...

I'm trying to say that I race significantly faster and longer at heart rates that my test results would deem 'not very likely possible'. Part of it is swimming terribly and having to pass a small village of people in order to get up to where I 'should' be. It's also a hoot passing a ton of people - there's always someone in front (for the most part). Perhaps I'll find out soon if I go faster knowing I'm being chased.

Sarah said...

I tend to race faster than I train, too. I seem to really be driven by that surge in adrenaline. I love it!

So is Ben staying for the whole week through Alcatraz? If so, there's no reason you shouldn't be significantly faster in the water by the end of the week. Osmosis...

Have I told you how cute your daughters are? I know it makes your ego that much bigger but I just can't help it. They really are.

ENOUGH ABOUT THE FREAKING MUFFINS! I should really shut up about them now because I think you enjoy the challenge at this point of sneaking in some reference to Desiree's muffins in each and every post. We should all just ignore it.

I might try to make a batch before we head up to Tahoe tomorrow.

Sarah said...

p.s. Does Desiree know how infatuated you've become with her muffins?

Anonymous said...

whoa, 58 cm around, talk about thunder thighs!

that sounds like a lot, but isn't that like 17 inches?


i checked out that triathlon site and there was a "Top 16 fittest cities" that looked completely made-up. seriously, Dallas-FW ahead of LA and Riverside? Have they ever been to either of those places?

Loren Pokorny said...

58 cm is actually 22.8 inches or 0.63 yards. Take that.

Chris Westall said...

Good Luck finding pants w/ those thighs.

I think you should rethink "Lorpeedo" so something like Loren "holy crap my thighs are huge" Pokorny