Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Zoot Ultra Race Shoe Review - Post 70.3

Since no one fell for the April Fool's post below, I'll post this - which I wrote earlier since I haven't finished part II of my Oceanside Race Recap....


As I've covered this shoe before - it's all been just training with these shoes.  I'm also sponsored by Zoot.  So for that, I'll apologize. 

Now that I've raced in them, I've come to the opinion that these shoes are not for me, at least not for me racing a 13.1 mile race at 175lbs.  After mile 3 of the Oceanside 70.3 run course (which is concrete and pavement) my blisters returned (from the previous week's barefoot effort in this same shoe) - even with ample helpings of powder and socks (just a single helping of socks). I also got my shoes too snug and ran with no feeling in my feet for the first 10k-which was fine by me, the less I felt the better.  I stopped and loosened the shoes -which was easy, but it didn't help much.  There simply wasn't enough cushion for a runner with a mid-foot strike to enjoy the best part of the triathlon (the run).  I saw a ton of these same shoes out on the course but not a single pair passed me - so I suspect many others may have felt the same way after 13 miles concrete pounding. 

Not sure what my plans are next -whether to try their more cushioned products or simply go back to the Brooks that have done a decent job.  I think the Zoots are great for sub 5 mile races because 1) I've not had any issues in training with this low volume 2) they're incredibly easy to get on and snug up the laces. 

Final Overview:

  • Fit: 1/4 size too big, very comfortable otherwise
  • Feel: good for 10k and less for someone 175lbs or more, I suspect this shoe is better for folks 165lbs and less
  • Raciness: decent - they're not as light as my Brooks racing flats but easier to put on. 
  • Marketing: they claim you can run in these barefoot - but they're hot and your feet sweat = blisters.  Unless you've got hard plastic feet, bring some socks.  3 coats of liquid skin didn't help me a bit. 
  • Score: 2.5 out of 5 Lorpeedos (This is a Twopeedo)

UPDATE 4/14:

I raced a triathlon with these shoes with 4 mile run and these shoes performed much better.  The run was a trail run with limited pavement - it was essentially an Xterra off-road run.  No blistering and my T2 was incredibly fast - no fumbling with a tongue or laces.  I was much happier with these shoes on the short course.  I'll be racing again in them again with a 5 mile run in 2 weeks.

UPDATE 4/29:

Here's another review I found from inside tri: http://www.insidetri.com/article/71114/zoot-ultra-tempo%2B

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Christine said...

here is my question. what about your brooks... would you recommend them for say... me? and what shoes should I buy if not?

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