Friday, April 11, 2008

That Special Time of Year

My kids would say Christmas (I would too) but the next best part is the few weeks where the Spring Classics are held.  My most favorite being Paris Roubaix.  Many of you know I raced bikes for years and for many teams in between my triathlon career separated by a dozen years or more:  Control Tech, Raleigh, Excel Sports, Mongoose and I'm sure there are more - my closet full of team kits would give you some clues.  This Sunday is not just a good day for triathlon (Ben, Chris and Macca are racing the Miami International) Courtenay, Symphony-Boy aka Westie and I are doing the Ice Breaker but it's the day they race the cobbles. 

pimp These guys are as tough as it gets and a few of my favorites are gone - but live on as server names at Microsoft because I got to name the servers I bought - so people were always like what's \\ballerini\user\share?  Who/What is that - then I'd point to my poster of Franco Ballerini.  Johan Museeuw also got a server - but not nearly as big as Ballerini.  I loved watching the videos (because there was no cyclism sunday back then) of these guys romping the cobbles and crushing the peleton.  Lance was great but he wasn't a tough guy like these fellows.  The Tour is different. 

The best edition was the 1998 Paris Roubaix where Johan Museeuw, Andrea Tafi and Wilifried Peeters finished 1-3, all Mapei-Bricoi.  They crushed it.  I'm also sure they were all probably doped to their eyeballs - but I don't care, who other than Greg LeMond wasn't back then? 

One of my new favorite sites is: .  Not a speedo, swim workout or pair of Zoot Ultra Race shoes on the site.  It's all bikes.  There's also a lot here: just in case. 

Goooooo Boonen! Tommeke Tommeke Tommeke.....


Ben said...

They aren't that great. Last weekend I watched a bunch of "pro" guys walk their bikes up a hill during the race. Ok, so they slid out and couldn't get started on such a steep hill in the rain, but what was really funny is watching them walk. They are like fish out of water the moment they get off their bike. No wonder Lance barely ran a 3 hr marathon after all those hours on the bike.

Dalai Mama said...

good luck loren! i look forward to hearing how you did today. it is rainy and chilly in FL today. Enjoy the race and your girls being there to cheer you on.