Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shapoopi (Sha-poop-pee)

I'm watching 'The Music Man' and because it's got the 'root' word poop - the girls LOVE this song.  'Shapoopi, Shapoopi...'  A good movie for kids and adults.  It's better than What it Takes.  Piper just danced her diaper off in fact - at this very moment, she's dancing an Irish Jig type of thing while lifting her dress showing me her pasty buns. 

April08 078Greta has been in beautiful Columbus, OH working on a pitch to an insurance company - this means 1) I miss her terribly 2) I'm responsible for 2 kids by myself.  I woke up at 6am with 2 kids on me and a cat on my feet.  Maybe they know better than to mess with mama when she's sleeping but apparently dad is fair game to tackle. 

So far I survived - I even made Desiree Ficker's pumpkin muffins from the recipe (Greta, Tracy said Ben was cuter than Desiree, so don't worry - Ben, Tracy is a heterosexual married guy).  They turned out excellent.  I substituted flax seed oil for the vegetable oil and ignored the gluten free stuff since Soda won't be visiting for another month (she, as far as I know this week, does not eat gluten and if you're lucky can make you some of the flattest cookies ever).  I was so impressed that I took a picture.  I will make sure that Ben has some on hand prior to Alcatraz. 

I'm feeling better than I have in the past few weeks - I've survived a 13.1 mile run on concrete, being surrounded by sick kids and was able to fight off a minor cold early last week.  I've been drinking a bit more milk - skim milk and I've been sleeping better and my legs feel great. 

I'm in a foundation phase and I feel like I could be doing more - which is exactly why I have a coach, I don't have to think much about what to do - I provide feedback, my race schedule and goals and then trust him.  I now looking forward to racing this weekend and even though it's a 'C' race, I'll not dilly dally in the transitions quite like I did at the Ice Breaker tri.  The Sacramento Triathlon was the first race I did last year - so it's sort of a 1 year anniversary for me.  I'll also get to see many of the folks who comment on this blog - so I'll have to ensure we get some photos done. 

April08 057Last weekend after my long-ish run we all went up to Sonoma to do our quarterly wine club pick up at the wineries we belong to and then to the park at the center of downtown Sonoma.  Before that - we all went kayaking and learned that we'll never do that again with 2 kids who panic when it comes time to disembarking.   Here's a picture of a pleasant moment aboard the SS Lorpeedo.  The less pleasant moments can only be captured like this:

Me:  ok, come her Piper let's get out (reaching)

Piper: NO!!!!!  I DON'T WANT OUT!! (death grip on greta)


Me: Piper, OUT! (Grabbing piper by life jacket)

Piper: (AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH) (screaming at top of lungs which is really pretty loud)

Greta: Honey don't slip (watching me slip), etc...

Good times.  When Ben gives me a swim lesson, it pretty much follows the same script. 

Congrats to Jillian Petersen who won the ITU Race in Mexico - she's a great athlete and a first year pro.  Ben also built her site.  Be sure to visit it! 


Ben said...

It wasn't the first ITU race in mexico, but it was Jillian's first ITU win! It was the Pan-American Championships, which means Jillian now has 400 ITU points, and some Olympic points too! She'd be eligible for trials if they hadn't been held on the same day.

Christine said...

excuse me but I have perfected some gluten/dairy free recipes such as a cocoa angel food cake and butterscotch cookies (which are NOT flat, you just have to add more gluten-free flour). Mom makes good chocolate chip ones too!!

BTW- daddies are ALWAYS fair game.

Courtenay said...

i am seizing the opportunity to berate you for over-usage of blogger's category feature. look at this one, it has 9 categories, like 4 of which are redundant!! ben is also huli chicken. and what's the difference between triathlete and triathlon, lorpeedo and loren, SO CONFUSED!!

you have like 200 categories on your side bar. one would think that you have your categorization sh!t together HOWEVER it took me forever to find all your posts about base performance, even though it has its own category, one of them was posted under "chicken" or "stuff" or whatevs.

i am going to write my own blog about this and about the training blog post. hmf.

separately, why didn't i get my own parenthetical statement?!?!!?!?

additionally, dilly dallying is a weak excuse for why i almost beat you.

finally, i like jillian because she's sponsored by blue.

Greg Remaly said...

I see you're drinking skim. Is that because you think you're fat? Because you're not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to. And vegetable oil.

Yeah, too bad Chrabot and Peterson don't get a chance at the Trials. They probably would've done well.

Christine said...

oh that is what I forgot, why don't I have my own tag category?? How does ben have 2 and I have NONE!?!?!