Thursday, April 10, 2008

各方對西藏地區的範圍所提出的説 or My Olympic Bid

Gosh am I hydrated - thanks Base Water!  (BTW, if you become a friend of Base on Facebook, you can get 10% off). 

I work about 1 block from where the Olympic torch was supposed to be yesterday on part of it's 85,000 mile journey.  So I figured I could walk that far to see something sort of rare and historic - sort of like me doing yard work.  I also wanted to see some good Free Tibet-Chinese national gang rumbles - but it turns out only white people get really mean and nasty when it comes to protesting. 

So here’s the closest I came to a confrontation:


She says this at the top of her lungs about 5 inches from some lady carrying a China flag

Chinese Lady w/China Flag Lady: (nothing, no response)

Chinese Lady w/Tibet Flag: (walks over to White Lady Carrying Tibet Flag and says something calmly and lady suddenly becomes very quiet and walks along): (nothing)

There you go. First-hand account of the protests.

Closest I came to violence:

I got my foot stepped on.

Hypocritical Moment of the day:

Many, let’s say a majority of the protesters for Tibet were walking. Many, let’s say 60% of them were wearing sneakers – I looked at the brands New Balance and Nike were what I saw. If you look in the tongue of either of these brands it will say: Fabrique en Chine and Made in China.  I think that is hypocritical.  It's sort of like a Hummer with a "Al Gore for President" sticker on it. 

I always feel better about things after that.

Based on the looks of many of the non-Asian people protesting, I’d wager money many didn’t know where Tibet (I didn’t see a single non-Asian campaigning for China) actually was.  So below is where you'll find Tibet (I didn't know either). 

Tibet-claimsIn the end, it turns out they ran the torch down a completely different route that I don't think anyone saw AND I missed my chance to actually see it.  I know some Olympians (not well) and my friend's dad was the head of the Salt Lake Olympics - but that's about as close as I get to the whole thing. 

When I'm not talking about any of this nonsense and I'm not too tired to read, I'm now reading 'The Fountainhead' which is not as good as the greatest book I've ever read (Atlas Shrugged) - but probably since I'm only on page 163.


PS - I've been so hungry.  For lunch I had a tuna sandwhich, a bowl of fruit and a Clif bar.  I also had 3 cupcakes last night but figured I burned that off watering the garden last night.


Courtenay said...

the fountainhead is probably my favourite book. keep plugging. although i have not read atlas shrugged - i'd like to but book club determines what i read now and somehow i don't think that suggestion will go over well. everyone hated love in the time of cholera.

GOSH i am hydrated TOO!!! thanks nuun!

Ian said...

3 cup cakes is probably about 750 calories minimum. Unless you were watering your yard while running 8 min miles for 45 min, I don't think you burned them off.

Kelly said...

i went over to the torch yesterday too and i totally said the same thing about the fact that probably very few of them knew where tibet actually was. it was interesting though b/c i was right at the ferry building. i had a bunch of other comments too, so i was going to write about it later tonight. actually do work right now. hmm

also i read both atlas shrugged and the fountainhead and i think i liked the one with rourke and dominique better. that was the fountainhead right?

Loren Pokorny said...

1) the garden is small but I figured carrying a watering can 3x across the front yard would surely burn 1,000 calories.
2) Atlas Shrugged is like The Fountainhead but better. So far, it has to be since it was written after and her books get better each time.
3)Yes, though I'm only guessing since I only know Roark right now. You just ruined everything

Christine said...

Stupid protesters, don't they know Olympic games were originally held between Greek city states that were constantly warring with one another. Hello we are just following tradition!!

Did you know Bhutan only allows in 3,000 tourists a year? It is like the coolest little Asian country ever!! I had a high school teacher obsessed with it.

I agree with Ian, the cupcakes won.

What are these books you all are mentioning? I have never heard of them.

Sarah said...

Okay this Base Water thing is out of control.

I may have to do something a la Ben and do some sort of blind study on Base Water vs. Nuun. Neither of which I've tried but since I drink massive amounts of water already, the idea of being even MORE hydrated interests me.

Here's a curveball for ALL of you: Chia seeds. My friend Devon uses them and swears by them (okay and Nuun, if you must know).

But my interest is to try those as well:

"One of the exceptional qualities of the Chia seed is its hydrophilic properties, having the ability to absorb more than 12 times its weigh in water. Its ability to hold on to water offers the ability to prolong hydration. Fluids and electrolytes provide the environment that supports the life of all the body’s cells. Their concentration and composition are regulated to remain as constant as possible. With Chia seeds, you retain moisture, regulate, more efficiently, the bodies absorption of nutrients and body fluids. Because there is a greater efficiency in the utilization of body fluids, the electrolyte balance is maintained."


Also I am lame and haven't read any Ayn Rand books. Yet. They're still on my list. That's too bad about Love in the Time of Cholera. I LOVE Marquez.

Greg Remaly said...


Don't worry about it - I read "The Fountainhead" and although it had some good parts it was quite the slog - basically just a vehicle for the author to spout her philosophy. a decent philosophy but certainly not worth the 700-800 pages or so.

Dalai Mama said...

since I have an olympic torch and once coordinated the 1996 torch relay.... next time you are in FL you can come over and run around my neighborhood with it or even bike with it. I ran for a mile with the thing and it is VERY heavy. I will even give you a commemorative pin and medalion...(you will have to give them back... they are mine) and snap your picture.