Friday, April 4, 2008

Now What

I'm still a bit beat from Saturday's effort and the lack of sleep surrounding it.  Missed a few workouts in favor of 9-10 hour sleeps - I suspect I have the blessing of my coach but won't actually ask for it.  I do have a sprint race coming up but it's just training - so no rest even before that.  Since I don't have any 3-5 hour rides + brick runs to complete on the weekends for a while, I'll probably get some work done around the house and maybe even moved into our new home (we moved a month ago).  I'm also able to cut back on the food in order to get to a reasonable race weight for Vineman where I should be in the 157-160lb range, just over a few lbs from my decade of racing bikes at 153.  Be sure to send me good weight-dropping thoughts and comments.

I'm still surprised at how organized the 70.3 race was and how many volunteers were out there.  There was easily 1 volunteer to every 6-10 racers.  I guess I'm just grateful going into a strange town and not having to worry much about anything but my race.  I'd best describe the helpfulness as very Disney-like except no silly costumes and not as much smiling. 

March08_Oceanside 012Speaking of which... I'm driving BACK down to LA to take everyone (not literally everyone) to Disney for the girl's 5th and 3rd birthdays (if you're slow, this means one kid is turning 5 and one is turning 3).  I think we've got visiting Disney with 2 kids under the age of 5 down to a scheduled science.  Right now they've both been sick with fevers over 101 - so I trust they'll be 100% for the trip, we're going anyway damnit. 

In the meantime I'm working on some sponsorship deals with technology and a bike company for a certain pro triathlete.  It's always great fun to deal with companies who say 'I've got no budget for that' and then you redline their contract, double the stuff they offered and hand it back.  You can tell they're used to dealing with athletes more than folks who have been in the advertising game for over a decade, it's a crime what they offer to budding professionals sometimes.  Some of the pros I've worked with said, "I can't ask for that they'll drop me for sure".  To be fair I also get to hear the other side of things from the various companies whose biggest complaint is that athletes don't make much of an effort to sell their product.  It's not hard and the advice I've heard given, which I also pass along is to only work with companies you love and want to work with in the long run.  One pro I know wanted to ride for Trek and it took him 3 years of hounding them before they'd sponsor him (you also have to perform too).  The career of a pro triathlete isn't very long (compared to an advertising analyst or a muffler installer) and the sponsorship side of things can be a lot of work - luckily much of it can be done sitting down with a laptop or phone. 

Above is Sada on her pink Trek - she is a monster on the bike and loves to ride that thing.  You can't see that she's got Power Cranks (thanks Mark for noting this) and a sweet pair of Sidi Genius 5.5 like her papa.  Hopefully this weekend she'll be well enough to get out for 2-3 miles.  I could toughen her up with a brick run after but I'm sure she'll take Mary Poppins or coloring her Dora activity book over a run with me.  I won't even mention some of the other new movies we got since they'll be a big surprise for Ben when he visits soon.


mark brinton said...

are there power cranks on it though?

Sarah said...

LOL!!! That was the best comment response!!! Wow...I was going to comment anyway, but now I'm just laughing. :D

Of course, Loren might actually say "hmmm...give her another year and she'll be ready..."

Anyway, what I was going to say was that I totally agreed on the organization aspect of that race. From check-in to was simply incredible. Of course, when 85% of your volunteers are the better be damn well organized. ;)

Vineman is pretty organized as far as pre-race goes, but don't count on the aid stations to be as good.

Some aid stations are better than others. Still a well-run race, but I don't think anything will compare to Oceanside...