Wednesday, April 9, 2008

(Insert Title Here)

I had no title to captured the random post for today - maybe someone will give me one. 

Got in my first fartlek session of the season yesterday AM in the pitch black.  On the way home (about 45 mins long) the sun started to show it's face over Berkeley, Brandon (who lives in Berkeley) and the water.  It felt pretty good and is my most favorite workout - though years ago, I'd just do telephone pole, run 3 (in rural NH, they're not that close) and jog one or something like that.  Yesterday's was a bit longer - but I got it done.  Also had a decent swim this AM! 

On the way home yesterday I noted some police at the entrance of the Golden Gate Bridge walkway/bikepath.  I figured they were there to keep the tourists not on bikes off of the western side of the bridge which is for cyclists only.  So with the Top Gun soundtrack still going (it's my new favorite training playlist for some bad reason, perhaps only Greg will agree with this) in my iPod, I blew past him.  Turns out they were inspecting everyone's bags for fear of terrorist actions/violence/torch protest and they went into hot pursuit.  They caught up with me and Kenny Loggins to let me know the badness I had caused. 

computer I thought I was immune for terrorist consideration since I was in red/white/blue Spandex and a bright red Fuel Belt transition bag on my back.  I'd probably be the first guy to pound someone who went after an Olympic torch carrier - unless of course I was in the middle of an interval or recovery session.  If you want to protest again China, trying cleaning 'made in China' out of your house since that will matter more in the grand scheme of things than your stupid sign that no one in China will actually ever see. 

If you want to see some good protest signs, check out this site and this one.

I've also decided to race this weekend - mostly because I guess I didn't know about the Ice Breaker Triathlon - it's small but fairly close and it starts at 9am!  Even more exciting is that Greta and the girls will head over to the race to watch the Lorpeedo in action.  It's a short race with a .5 mile swim, a 13 mile bike and a 4 mile run.  The bike is a double-looper so not a bad course to watch the race.  I'm excited not only for the short swim but also to have all of my girls out there. 

I got to work today and went to put on my shirt and found out that my cat must have peed on it sometime between it living in the laundry basket and the floor of my closet.  That is not a good way to start things out (I actually started it with a swim but you know what I mean).



Greta said...

Some options for a title:
Booger Pockets
Pee-pee Shirts
No more frosting before bed
Turn that high school musical down right now!
I got...ree-ree
Living up to what white people #10: The Darjeeling Limited.

Sarah said...

Because I hadn't already wasted enough time blog-hopping, you had to go and put a link to sites full of ridiculous protester signs. THANKS A LOT, LOREN.

One of the things I miss about Berkeley (specifically back when I was a student and was on campus regularly) is all of the crazy protesters and their WHACKED-OUT signs. Some of the most bizarre things I've ever seen.

Top Gun and Kenny Loggins, huh? Can't way I'll be asking for your iPod playlists anytime soon...

That's really funny though about the cops chasing after you!!

Good luck this weekend. Have fun and don't fall in front of your family.

p.s. I really liked the comment from one of the protest-sign website where it said "From a protest for peace. Evidently we've "jumped the shark" in peace protesting"

p.p.s. For more time-wasting visit

Courtenay said...

i have become offended. i have had that race on my schedule for like a year. clearly you pay zero attention to other people's blogs that you comment on all the time.

sarah, i might have to trip him in front of his family, to get revenge.

oh and i have "danger zone" stuck in my head right now. yikes. i am trying to channel "billie jean"...

Sarah said...

Loren, you better watch out...