Monday, April 21, 2008

I Got Shot

I came home Friday and that is what Piper ran over to tell me.  She really got 'shots' at the doctor's office.  They say funny things all of the time like that.  Yesterday I was the 'strongest daddy' - which is probably true. 

The weekend was pretty good- did a hard run with a mix of 10k and 5k pace - it was fun until I hit the headwind we had here on the return.  Using my Garmin Forerunner 201 I can set up a training partner and have it go a set pace or time and distance.  I figured I'd do a 10k with him (it looks like a guy) and started strong - started creeping ahead by 40 feet and slowly crept all the way into the 500 feet ahead and then I turned around.  The winds here this weekend were brutal.  I went from a pace running 175-180 HR staying ahead of the pacer to running 190+ HR and dropping behind, eventually finishing .12 miles behind him at the end of 50 mins.  I'm not sure if that was good or not but seeing as though I could hold a Z5 HR for 50 mins is pretty good. 

I rode about 100k yesterday - again with the headwind.  I was supposed to meet up with Kelly but somehow I confused towns and meeting spots and missed her completely.  She ended up riding with our ZteaM's group ride while I slogged 3 hours solo out to Pt Reyes and back.  Due to the wind I was a bit off my pace a few weeks ago - but not that far off.  I spent all of my time in Z3 and the climbs (3,500 feet of them) in Z4+. 

desIn between all of the time I spent with the family and training I had to catch up with 3 friends who were racing around North America.  Soda was doing her first race of the season down at Collegiate Nationals in AL where she had a decent race and got out some of the early season cob webs (Courtenay and I got ours out last weekend when we dropped chains and wheels fell out).  She finished with a strong run and some good things to work on for the next few weeks. 

Brain Fleischmann was racing for an Olympic spot at the same venue at the University of AL.  He and I worked together a bit over the winter on some sponsorship stuff as well as coaching.  He's a very nice guy who is incredibly focused on making the team - taking every distraction out of his life.  It's pretty amazing what focus all of the pros I know have.  He hung with the best and finished 4th behind Reed, Potts and Kemper - which is not a bad performance.  He races again in 8 weeks - with a final shot to make the team.  I'm definitely cheering for him.

Ben was also racing at the ITU down in Mexico.  Since the site doesn't always update quickly I usually have to wait for his call after the race.  Most of the time he makes up a story about something happening or how he overslept and missed the race - so I never know.  He calls, gives me the race report which includes a "hospital visit".  I can't do it any justice, so you have to read for yourself.  The positive out of the whole thing is his strong swim, bike and start of the run.  It's hard to stand in 100 degree heat let alone race a sub 36 min 10k in it.  I think he did incredibly well and can't wait to see how he does in his next few races - it's going to be a great season for him.  

Desiree Ficker was in Boston where my friend Tracy now lives.  He just moved from Austin, TX where he trained in the same circles (track) as Des and he sent me the photo above of her race start.  How many of the girls above could run a marathon after riding 56 or 112 miles and still have a solid run?  I'm always impressed at how solid triathletes are in the 3 sports- many can/have compete at the highest levels.  Back when I started racing in 1989 you didn't even have to know how to swim in order to have a good race.  I rode a bit, maybe 100 miles, swam 1x a week if I was lucky and ran 50+ miles a week.  No more.

I should have a guest writer this week and idea Ben had.  Unfortunately, Greta is considering 'how to pick the right nail polish color for an ad campaign pitch' as a topic.  This is a topic that might actually be of interest to the readers of this blog.  I know Ben has really been struggling with this lately. 


Courtenay said...

I want to hear about nail polish. Lately I have been in a hot-pink mood, possibly it's a little trashy but when you spend most of your time in spandex certain things start to seem normal.

What does Greta think?

What does BEN think?!?!

Greta said...

First of all, who is this 'Des' person? HOW on God's good earth am I supposed to compete with that?

Hot pink is never trashy unless you have super long nails (this applies to both real and acrylic). Hot pink is best displayed on shorter nails which are cut in a squared off fashion. Never paint nails that are too short - it looks terrible and draws more attention to the fact that you might be a nail biter.

The color on your toes and your fingers should always match, no matter what. The only rule in which this doesn't have to be followed is if you have a French mani or pedi.

And further more, I bet your little Des girlfriend can't hold a 35 pound 2 year old while holding a glass of RED wine in a pair of stiletto's. Beat that triathlon betches!

Christine said...


Dalai Mama said...

Good to know... I am taking the polish off my "non" nails now! :-)With 6 brothers... I never learned that stuff. THANKS GRETA.

ben said...

I'm missing two toe nails, and have another black one that will fall off soon. Can I still paint the rest of them pink?

I managed to hurt myself even more yesterday. I had blood all over a supermarket. Oooh Boy!! I need to get home before I can do myself any more harm.

Christine said...

ewwww ben ewww!!!!!!! seriously how can one's feet be that icky??!?! your feet are important take care of them...

Sarah said...

Ewww. We're talking about blood and fingernail polish on black toenails.
That's gross.

Greta, you are the WOMAN!!! And thanks for the nail tips. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to that stuff. Usually just skip the fingernails and paint just the toenails. I just scuff up the fingers too easily.