Monday, April 7, 2008

"Butter gives me diarrhea"

This is what you hear at the dinner table when you dine regularly with kids under the age of 5.  Greta thought it would be a great title for a blog post - so here you go (personally, I'd use it for a song title or band name but I've already got a band name and we don't write any songs).  By the way, butter doesn't really do that. 

My week of recovery after Oceanside is over and mentally I'm ready to get back at some hard training.  I went pretty easy last week - culminating with 2 missed workouts on Friday and a date with my wife over at the Left Bank for dinner.  I really had a cassoulet in mind, but had the Boeuf Bourguignon with a decent merlot. Belgium

When I worked for Microsoft, I got to visit Europe enough that I think we got tired of eating great food in some amazing places (it's impossible and probably illegal to not have apps, dinner, dessert and at least a bottle of wine and an aperitif) .  Despite the fact that Paris is the absolutely worst city for exercising (the 3 Americans running around the city stick out like a sore thumb) - it's my favorite.  I did love Munich for running on some wonderful trails and through enormous parks and Amsterdam for being able to run past 100+ brothels all before breakfast.

I could probably fill a blog with the stories we've got from 2-3 analysts traveling around western Europe and Scandinavia, one day waking up in Paris for breakfast, having mussels in Brussels for lunch and dinner in London - all with meetings and high speed train travels in between.  Hopefully Greta and I can get to Paris again in February 2009 for a week or so while the girls have a break with Grandma and Grandpa in Seattle.  I do miss that part of the non-triathlon life greatly and Greta misses my return with latest Parisian fashions - after all, who wouldn't think a $130 t-shirt was reasonable.

I got out yesterday for a climb up Mt. Tam which I bravely did in a big ring to keep strengthening the power sticks (aka my beautiful legs) which felt pretty good strong.  I followed the 40 mile effort with a 1 hour run where the power sticks looked good but felt more like I had been eating butter.  The next few weeks will be spend on doing some more foundation work and getting into some speed in the later part.  I'm doing a sprint race in Sacramento because it's the first triathlon I did (last year) and I wanted to see how I've improved year over year - plus it's close and I don't have to taper at all.  I'll follow that with just two more races, the UVAS (almost Olympic distance and a race I did last year) and San Jose International  - which was scheduled on the same day as Alcatraz (so I'll be sending fast thoughts to Ben and Greg).  After those races I'll be taking the speed into my ramp up for Vineman where I'll be focused on trying to hit 4:30. 


Kelly said...

hey, in answer to your question, i decided to do the olympic at sacramento since the race this weekend got cancelled and i want to have some good olympic efforts by auburn and san jose.

also, i think im gonna go out to some of the zteam rides soon (in madera for the stage race this weekend)

Anonymous said...

umm now who's race do I go and cheer at on June 8th?!?! jeeze!! come on now I like driving fast but that is dang near impossible!!!