Friday, April 25, 2008

Damnit Beavis!

I loved Beavis and Butthead.  I have 3 or 4 DVD's of the show that I can watch once the girls go to sleep -otherwise they'll learn stuff like 'Damnit Beavis', 'Bunghole', 'Fartknocker' and so on.  Stuff I don't want to explain or make up terms like this 'damnit beavis'.... no sada he said (think quickly....) he said 'flim flam fleatus'.  Then you have to explain that. 

For some reason I gave Ben a whole bunch of tags on my blog.  I even got comments that I put TOO many tags and then these same hypocritical people (courtenay and soda) cry as to why I haven't given THEM a special tag.  Very special thanks to greg who didn't say anything but he did quote Napoleon Dynamite which is automatically going to get him a special tag.  Ben gets a few different tags because he's lived here more than any other guest.  He also suffered through the great vitamin c incident.  (hint: take about 5 vitamin c x 3 a day and then spend an hour or two in a garage mounting tires). 

Much of my blog traffic comes from search results.  The rest comes from most of you hot dogs who link to me.  In order to help those readers who really want to read about my top posts, I use tags.  Sometimes I use more than one tag because for instance if someone is searching for Zoot sneakers they might use different terms for the same thing - I know from search logs that people get to my site by looking for Zoot shoes, Zoot Ultra or Zoot sneakers.  Thus all of the tags. 

Here are some top pages on my site based on search results:

  1. My Zoot Ultra Shoe Reviews: There are a few: One, Two and Three
  2. Treasure Island Triathlon Photos
  3. Race Reports: Oceanside 70.3 (part 1, 2 and 3), UVAS (which includes the story of the black panties),
  4. Team Zoot Gu
  5. Macca's Triathlon Camp that I was putting on with him

Here are the top terms:

  1. Loren, Lorpeedo, Loren Pokorny
  2. Swimbikerunguy, swim bike run guy
  3. zoot shoe review, zoot running shoe review, zoot ultra race, zoot triathlon shoe review (and about 10 versions similar to this)
  4. Tom Boonen, Tom Boonen Song Lyrics
  5. Chris McCormack (I'm a fan but also have a few of his bikes,my garage is full of waterbottles from him, like 300 of them), clothing, etc... he and Scott (his agent) are generous and good. 

Top Traffic Sources:

  1. Search
  2. Direct
  4. Ben 'Huli Chicken' Collins
  5. Courtenay Brown

I'm an analyst - a web/pricing/advertising analyst - so I'm saving you some significant boring reading.  This is the sort of stuff I find interesting in my day job as well as in my former career at Microsoft where I was a web analyst.  It's sexy in fact.

Now to bring it all together - here's a great video with Bill Gates and Napoleon:


Greg Remaly said...

I liked B&B too. My favorite part of each episode is where they critique music videos. Basically the weirder the video, the more they liked it.

I'm curious about this Great Vitamin C Experiment (sounds like it should be capitalized) - what actually happened? Was it at all like the Philadelphia Experiment?

I'm shocked that I'm the #3 referral. Must be because I'm checking like 20 times a day to see if you've updated your blog. Not much else to do on the couch these days.

HILARIOUS video. there wasn't s single weak moment, starting from the beginning with the suitcase-on-top-of-the-car thing.

Courtenay said...


i already HAD my own tag! now i have to hit TWO buttons to find stuff about me!

also, i am lashing out at you because i realize that i am closer to you in age than i am to christine.

good thing my 12 age-defying moisturizing products seem to be doing a good job.

Greta said...

Top 5 Beavis and/or Butthead quotes you'll hear at the Pokorny residence:
1. Awwwwwwww, daddy doesn't understand me
2. Dondequatro por flavoa bhalaanada TELEMUNDO!
3. Stuart needs some T.P.
4. I need T.P. for my bunghole
5. Are you threatening my bunghole?

Sarah said...

hehehe...he he...FIRE! FIRE!

OMG that was one of your best posts of late...mainly because of Bill...but the B&B references were awesome, too..especially with Greta's additions...

Like Greg said - I loved how they always critiqued those CRAZY 80s videos. It just cracked me up so much to hear their comments or see their faces...oh man...I'm cracking up just remembering some of the stuff they would say...

I loved their critique of Devo's Whip It...

Aww the good ol' days.

BTW...was King of the Hill a spinoff of that? I love King of the Hill...