Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2 Quarters and Lost Wallet

Today Sada had 2 quarters and said 'look, there are seagulls on one side and a man on this side.' 

1932-D_Quarter_Obverse 1932-D_Quarter_Reverse

I lost my wallet yesterday or it was removed from my bag.  Either way, I've got to take a day to replace everything.


UPDATE: Wallet found.  IRS is auditing now - at least they play nice music when you sit on hold.

it's only tuesday. ugh.


Courtenay said...

huntress says not to call things lost, just misplaced... because usually they turn up.

unless of course they were stolen, which HAS happened to me, or if you "misplace" whatever it is in the middle of a busy street or anywhere in oakland or my current black-hole apartment.

anyhow good job on not having to get a new driver's license and usat card!

Kelly said...

oh god, it IS only tuesday

Sarah said...

Glad you found it...

Christine said...

Man I wish my world was as simple as Sada's....... I live with an IRS man

Ben said...

It may be Tuesday, but I feel GREAT!!! (I think it's actually Wednesday now, which I should figure out since I'm flying home on Thursday)

Am I the only guy that reads your blog? It's sort of like family circus, only without the cool drawings with dotted lines showing where the little boy has gone. It's cool though,I just come here to meet chicks. :)