Monday, March 3, 2008

Zoot and the ULTRA Race Shoe Review

I'm racing for Zoot and GU Sports in 2008.  Part of the lure was that I'd be getting a pair of the new Ultra Race shoes (at a discount):


The other part was that I had to wait until they were released to the public on March 1. 

So I waited, really enjoying the fact that I had to race in them in < 4 weeks.  Nothing like trying something almost new on race day. 

It was about 5:30am on Saturday - March 1 and I was ordering my shoes. 

I used the code they gave me, it didn't work. 


Then I figured I'd just pay for them - full retail ($130) and then have them fix it.  I added some of the Ultra Recovery sandals and a race belt too. 

I went to pay and it didn't work. 

I know my credit card works but for fun, I tried a debit card (no) and then another (ARGGGGGGGGGH).  Nothing worked. 

I got mad and just got them from Road Runner sports - followed by a fairly heated mail to the Dir of Marketing at ZootSports. 

So much hype, advertising, press and the site doesn't work!  It could have been a number of things - after being a MSFT employee for so long, I do have Vista, IE7... and so on. 

Who knows. 

Within 24 hours, I get an email back from her (Elisette Carlson) along with what I believe are brand managers CC'd from Zoot and Gu.

Elisette writes:

...we apologize for your frustration.  ...

Please send us your address.  We hope you accept this as a “sorry” and “thank you” from us.

They're sending me the Recovery Sandals as a 'sorry' ($65) and a race belt ($8).  I fully wasn't expecting this and was delighted enough to write this post.  I'll be doing a review of these shoes as soon as I get them - as well as the recovery sandals. 

If you are looking for a small(ish) company to give your business to, consider Zoot.  The treatment I got from them was enough for me to recommend Zoot as a company who wants to keep their customers. 

I'll be running in the Ultra Race shoes in a 1/2 marathon I'll do on Saturday (just my normal Sat run) to see how they work with my feet (the Brooks are my regular running and racing shoe).

Be sure to see future posts with reviews.


UPDATE 4/14:

I raced a triathlon with these shoes with 4 mile run and these shoes performed much better.  The run was a trail run with limited pavement - it was essentially an Xterra off-road run.  No blistering and my T2 was incredibly fast - no fumbling with a tongue or laces.  I was much happier with these shoes on the short course.  I'll be racing again in them again with a 5 mile run in 2 weeks.

UPDATE 4/29:

Here's another review I found from inside tri:

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