Thursday, March 20, 2008


I usually drink espresso.  I even mix decaf beans in with regular to keep it toned down and to mess with my wife.  Our daughter decided to put some water in the grinder and made our $2,000 machine about as functional as our old $120 machine.  So, while it's not working and undergoing the minimum charge of $256 to fix it, we're using a coffee maker - a drip one.  I found out the hard way over the past 2 days that drip coffee has WAY MORE jet fuel (caffeine) than espresso.  For my brick run yesterday the easy pace had my HR around the high 160s, the harder pace had me in the 180s - luckily I don't max out until after 200 which isn't bad for someone in the 35-39 age group.  It's very exciting but it's making for a very difficult work day. 

The good news is that I've slept like a baby for the past 2 nights.  Though last night I had a dream I was doing a group run and someone showed up with some early version (which were flo-green or yellow) of the Zoot Ultra Race shoe - that sort of looked like the early Nike Free product.  This is disturbing. 

Because I have 3 readers, Greg, Courtenay and Ben (3 readers who aren't afraid to comment) - I basically have to write FOR you and of course, for me. 

So when Greg asks questions like, how much do you weigh I have to answer it, otherwise I risk losing 30% of my readership.  For you, I weigh 170 and am 5'10" and 3/8ths (which are important because in high school I was told I was 5'10" and 7/8ths, which meant I told people I was 5'11").  My race weight (ideal) for Vineman is 160 and I suspect I'd be strong racing in the 155-157 range.  My 5k PR was set when I weighed 149lbs and I raced bikes well around 153lbs.  For more background, I met my wife when I was 153lbs and 18 months after dating her, I was 210lbs.  I was not racing well then. 

I recently found a digital camera with a bunch of Christmas pictures on it.  For Christmas this year we went to Seattle - where it rarely snows (except for the past 2 years).  On Christmas day it snowed, sort of.  I had to get my kids out in it to sled because as a kid in NH, I was basically a professional sledder.  Any normal dad would put their kids in a sled and push them down.  Not this dad.  I tell my girls that it's more fun to go downhill backwards - because it is.  So I found a bunch of pictures of kids going sledding on a barely-snow-covered-hill, backwards because that's how a real Pokorny would sled.  I did this for Courtenay who is my other reader who said she hates age grouper blogs who write about their training. 

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Sarah said...

Hey Loren (I'm assuming that's your name)! I just found your blog randomly. Cool blog. Your family is stunningly beautiful!

Anyway, I was writing because incidentally, we both posted on Tuesday about Oceanside being 12 days away! I live in Sonoma County and am also doing Vineman and Santa Barbara Triathlon.

You ready? I'm so excited! When are you heading down to SD? My boyfriend and I are going down on Friday. It's my first time doing this particular 70.3. Good luck to you!!


Anonymous said...

umm EXCUSE ME!!! I read and I comment. That is totally not fair and I totally feel left out!

To quote Stephanie Tanner HOW RUDE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A) courtenay got me drinking from her coffee maker when we got together last year - before her I was a strictly race-morning drinker. But now I am the one who finishes my cup and she only takes a sip or two and the rest goes to waste. Drip is much stronger, you're right.

B) you're dreaming of zoot shoes...that is disturbing. Profoundly.

C) Thanks for the detailed info on the weight. Now if I could just get your SS# and mother's maiden name I think I'll be satisfied.

D) Also, you gained 57 lbs in the first 18 months of your relationship? Wow. A lot of eating and not much training apparently.

E) I grew up sledding too in rural NE PA. We lived on a ridge so the sledding from the top of our yard to the bottom of our neighbors was pretty awesome. But aside from some sledding trains and going over ramps, mostly it was all about getting to the bottom first, not some "see how crazy i am" backward thing.

Sarah said...

Hey Loren,

Thanks for your comment. I responded on my blog. But just fyi: I have nothing against $8,000 bikes and $500 wetsuits!

(Except of course that I can't afford them :) )

And I do think we all have fun in tris - that's why we do them - but a lot of newcomers have a different perception, which is where my concerns come in.

Courtenay said...

cute pic BUT it doesn't count.

i detected some sort of lengthy workout details in a couple earlier paragraphs that i skipped over. thusly, your post was already tainted.

just kidding. you know i like your blog.

i can send you links to my daily groan-fests if you want.

Ben said...

There was nothing for your other 40% (which is mainly christine, with some intermittent me.) Was poopy shoes written with me in mind? I have enough kitty issues to deal with.

Chris Westall said...

I see how it is...

Like Soda, I'm feeling left out. Just because I don't necessarily check back daily (which you somehow find time to post), I do catch up on the reading and Post as well. As evidence by this post :-).

I also don't know what I have to do to get in your blogroll. I post at least twice a week. And I'll apologize in advance to Courtenay in advance (who I don't know) because most of my posts are about my training. I'll try to mix it up a bit.

Anonymous said...

I like that I was mentioned TWICE in the comments and by both of my names!! YES!!!

Ben, at least Loren doesn't compare you to his poopy cat.

Rory Seiter said...

I just read Ben's blog religiously. You are a link on his page. So your blog now gets read quite often as well. I like the blend of family and training. It keeps me motivated for when I get back into the real world!