Friday, March 14, 2008


Yup, thank goodness it's thursday (ok, it's now friday now that I'm posting).  I got my training and taper plans for the next 2 weeks - little bits of pain, lower volume. 

luckily matt (dixon) will be down at the race so I'll see a friendly face or two on race day - even better when it's your coach who also gave you a mile by mile race plan - he's awesome.

alton-brown-knivesI've been going hard for 2 months and for the past two weeks getting terrible sleep.  Lastly night after 2 tylenol pm's, I had a nice slumber - in addition to dialing back the intensity a bit as there is no sense in trying to cram in any more killer workouts.  from now on it's keeping the 'knife sharp' with a bit of intensity but about 30-40% less volume over the next two weeks. 

I'll get in a few efforts climbing mt. tam tomorrow plus a short but fast brick run and then off to see 'Horton Hears a Who' (I can hear the jealously OOOOOzing out of blog right now) with the monkeys. 

Sunday is an easy (hear that Courtenay - EZ!) build run and then a big fat pile of shuffling around the house Ozzy-like doing stuff that helps remove the 60 boxes of stuff in the garage.

Dilema of the season: San Jose (triathlon) is June 8 - same day as Escape from Alcatraz.  I really want to race SJ but the biggest race of Ben's career is that same day.  He's like a little brother (except he doesn't hit me) - so I'm torn.  Plus he'll leave less Clif stuff for me if I don't see it (Gu only makes Gu and Gu2O, no bars, blocks, recovery drink...)  Either way, he'll stay in the luxurious guest suite we have and I can even drop him off for the race on my way down to SJ.  I don't have many races this season and want to get in some of the good ones - June/July is pretty empty because of my ramp up for Vineman. 

jesusdino2I don't have anything to say except that Jesus did not ride dinosaurs.  He totally flew when no one was looking. 

Scott Fairchild also got my tri team a deal with Under Armour.  He rocks.  UA rocks, I'm sponsored by Zoot though - but they won't get me my stuff until APRIL!. 

Ye Gods! (sorry, I've been watching two movies for the past month 'An American in Paris' and 'The Music Man').  I swear I love women (and not men).  I mean specifically my wife (who is real and whom I love) and my girlfriend (who is not really my girlfriend, but I know she loves me just a little).


Today I also learned that a 20oz water bottle was about a 1/2 liter.  I think.

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Anonymous said...

I think Jesus did ride dinosaurs. I mean, after all, if you had the power to do practically anything, wouldn't you do some cool stuff now that's a little unpractical? of course you would.

fyi, that jesus dinosaur post of mine is quite possibly court's least favorite blog ever, but a lot of people who have no connection to triathlon whatsoever have been visiting my blog to see that post. Evidently "jesus dinosaur" or whatever is a hot google search item these days...

keep getting some good rest.