Tuesday, March 18, 2008

T minus 10 (days till Oceanside 70.3)

I did it again, the alarm went off and I laid in bed debating whether or not I should get 45 mins of sleep or go swim for 30-35 mins as I had intended.  This time I made the right choice knowing that if I didn't, I'd be mad about it all day. 

March08 002

I had a good swim and even got my teammate Chris (former college water polo guy) to watch my swim.  For fun he counted my strokes, 22.  That's right - Paddlewheel Pokorny was cranking it out.  Apparently there's this whole glide thing I'm not doing - so I did some drills and found I could actually catch my breath and cover the same distance with about 5-6 fewer strokes.  Regardless of my strokes, I actually felt great today.  I'm guessing that the so-called swimmers who read this blog will mock me and will then offer up some advice on the proper number of strokes per length.  I'll remind one of them I can out-sprint them on the bike regardless of their massive wattage abilities and I'm negotiating a sponsorship deal for you. 

It could have been the raw dinner (I was promised an out of body experience) I had last night with my friend Natalie who is the head of Garmin's Fitness sales and marketing - she ONLY eats raw food, all the time, even on Thanksgiving.  So anytime we have dinner, I'm guaranteed to go to a restaurant (this time it was Cafe Gratitude) I would NEVER have gone to in my normal travels and I'm always impressed.  Luckily wine and beer are considered uncooked.   

The other fun thing with Natalie is that you can be sure that she'll have a bag of Garmin goodies.  Sure enough - I got to see the new Edge 705 and the Forerunner 405. If you're running an SRM w/wireless, the 705 easily hooks up with that to provide you with all the data you can handle and the 405 is VERY different from the other, more girthy units they've got.  It's an interface that is a cross between an iPod and a stop watch.  I was impressed with both and have them on my Christmas list.  I hope to have at least the 405 in the near future to use in my training and will blogging about it soon.

When I got home from dinner Sada asked who I went to dinner with and I said Natalie.  She said 'I have a friend named Reily (I think)'.  Then she asked is Natalie a girl or a boy?, I said 'a girl' and she responds with 'does she love you?' and since she didn't give me an Edge 705 or Forerunner 405 after dinner I had to say 'no, she does not love me'.


Ian said...

22 Strokes? Are you walking on your hands accross the bottom of the pool?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha yes thank you ian. good to know that even if you can kick my butt on a bike my stroke rating last november was where you are now! ad i can flip turn too. but dont you worry ill be kicking you butt as soon as i can focus on my bike more.

Chris Westall said...

Funniest post in weeks! I almost fell out of my chair laughing. You deserve the 405 just for the post.