Thursday, March 6, 2008

Readership Response...

It's not really much of a post, it's mostly to answer Cortenay's questions:

When are you going to re-post your schedule?

2008 Schedule

  • March: Oceanside 70.3
  • April: Sacremento Triathlon (sprint)
  • May: UVAS South Bay Triathlon (long sprint)
  • June: San Jose International (Olympic)
  • July: Vineman 70.3 & Tiburon Tri (it's like 4 miles from my house)
  • August: Folsom International Triathlon & Santa Barbara Triathlon
  • September: Big Kahuna Half-Ironman
  • November: 70.3 Worlds?  If not, maybe Tinley's again - though racing in November means I will have been training with no break for over 13 months (except for being sick).  I think 90% of my posts last year had the tag 'over-training'.  I'm hoping to improve on that this year.

I'm sure I'll put a few more in there but 10 are pretty good considering that 4 are 70.3, one is over distance and the early ones are sprints. 

*Note: there are no tri for fun races.  I got picked on for doing those.  I know you (courtenay) were at one of them with a famous california-based male triathlete.  I was like who's the chic with an SRM at the tri for fun? 

Did i meet you at Vineman last year? 

...Though I did see a VAC girl there who I told that I was friends with Katie, friend until Mr. Henderson is out of the picture. 

No but I was there with Ben where I met Sam McGlone and all the rockets.  See -I even wrote a post about it.  The best part of that race (as a spectator) is to watch how many people have no idea that there's a short and fairly steep hill at T1 - you don't even have a chance to mount up.

We too were at Tinley's where I had a pretty good detonation. See part I and part II.  I must have kicked you during your hide out period cause I was looking for a buoy to hide behind.


Courtenay said...

haHA then that was indeed me!

i was up there training while greg raced. i think at that point it was toona that was on my schedule, not yet replaced by this multisport nonsense!

Greg Remaly said...

I thought I was safely anonymous at court's 'tri for fun' race - I don't think I even talked to anyone else besides her while there.

that's funny you were there. although it's not a bad venue and there seemed to be a decent number of good AG's racing. "training race" i guess (i don't believe in them).