Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pick, Lick, Flick...

That's something my sister would say (in regards to dealing with boogers).  My daughter will bring one to you on her finger.  I'm generally at a loss for post titles, so I'm really reaching with this.


  • Inside Tri's new site - it looks so much better, readability, UI, etc...  I'd still say there are too many ads on the home page though (I'm an online advertising analyst and have been for about 8-10 years... I forget now, this sort of makes me a Tri Lam member - btw, I have a signed picture from Betty Childs who says I'm the hottest cyclist she knows).


  • Chris Lieto's new company: Base Performance Nutrition.  Chris built this company by himself - which is hard enough to do, let alone deliver a solid product and do that whole triathlon thing!  I'll have my Base Water and Base Amino before the weekend (he promised me).  If you're interested, I'm sure I can help get you a discount if you ask me.  So far the feedback I've seen is VERY promising that this is a breakthrough set of products.


  • Zoot's new Ultra Race shoe.  I got it last night and ran 5k in them this morning (barefoot) at about a 6:19 pace.  They are about a quarter size too big I think - so I'll get another pair that are 11 and will try again.  The right shoe feels much larger than the left one.  (did you know if you're right-handed your left foot will be bigger and vice versa?  it's true).  I'll probably run my half marathon on Saturday (not formal, just a training run) in them with socks to see how they feel.   They felt good when I snugged up the laces (which is a really nice feature).
  • My road bike.  I haven't been on it for about 6 weeks as I've been getting my TT bike dialed in.  It's a hoot to ride and like Mr. Remaly, it's a Kestrel Talon SL with the cool carbon seat post.  Except mine was Macca's until he signed that Specialized deal.  Macca spanked Faris on my bike last year at a race at the Dubai International Triathlon.  I just hope to spank a few age groupers but not like, on their bottoms - in the race.

    I'll even sell you the wheels from the bike, cheap.


  • I'm riding home last night and like every night, I pass by this spot every day (though there are rarely women's cycling teams hanging out there, though I really care about the ones with Aussie accents).  On my right is a skunk who is running right at my front wheel.  Since I'm in the last part of a 20 min Z4 interval, I'm a bit too wonky to say 'hey, move' - nothing comes out and I'm at the mercy of this animal's keen sense of self preservation.  He stops about 2 feet from my wheel and fires up his tail (insert near soiling of TF-3 chamois) and sprays.  He missed me.  I think.
  • The mess with the UCI and ASO. 


Courtenay said...

wait, your right or your other right?

i am fascinated by the sandals. i want some. i need to find a race that has them as a prize, if you know of any p. please let me know?

Loren Pokorny said...

My right. Which if you're looking at me is your left, but it's my right. Make an L with your thumb, if it doesn't look like an L, it's the other one.