Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One More Time...

I love daylight savings - because it means no more commuting in the dark!  It's always nice to see those potholes I've been hitting all winter in the light - sort of like meeting someone you've had many conversations with by phone, but never met face to face. 

This is the final week of my prep for Oceanside 70.3.  I'm riding, running and even swimming faster than ever (my riding and running are at my race pace from last season!) - so testing it all out on race day will be welcomed.  A big help I've already noticed is the Base Performance Nutrition stuff I've been using.  The Base water helps drive hydration - which I can attest to now that I ran my fastest half marathon (in training) with only 12 oz of water for the whole run.  I'm also recovering faster and have significantly less fatigue in my legs and the only change I've made is with the Base products. 

Today I made reservations for 3 whole days at Disneyland for early May (call it a 4 day mid-season break) - sandwiched between  the Sacramento and UVAS triathlons. 

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I also have to thank Scott Fairchild and Macca for sending me a brand new Orca Men's Pro Killa Triathlon Suit which I'll likely need for Vineman if the water is near boiling and definitely next season at Honu 70.3.  In the meantime, it just looks fast and comfortable hanging in the closet.

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