Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh Me Oh My

I was not motivated to run hard this AM.  I still got up at 5:05, moped around, showed the dumb cat where her food was, got dressed, drank coffee and went outside.  Luckily I have about 15-20 mins of going from 8 min to 7 min miles in order to change my attitude.  It wasn't working.  I tried and started running hard, my HR at 175 but that lasted for about 10 mins before I started thinking about how Greg Remaly would probably just stop and return to his couch and cookies.  I decided to enjoy the sun and the fact that I was 30 mins from home and proceeded to run home easy.  I guess I'm either 1) tired 2) pooped 3) not recovered from the weekend. 

Keeping the reminder I from Scott Fairchild on Friday about Macca ranting about the 4th discipline (recovery) - I went home, had some eggs and rode to work.  I'll just putter home tonight and will hop in the pool tomorrow ready to wreak havoc on the slow lane!


I also now have some good feedback from Tyler on Oceanside: 'It sucked and there was a whale in the harbor during the race, I'll never do it again'.  I'm psyched now. 


Christine said...

I don't know how this is possible but I think you complain more than me.... I mean we could be in a neck and neck race but really... hmm maybe I just don't write enough about my complaining, maybe I just complain in my head a lot. That would be an interesting endeavour, going back and reading though all the posts and tally up who complains more. There's an idea of what you can do instead of all the work you clearly don't have to do.

Greg Remaly said...

In the first place Greg Remaly wouldn't be up at 5:05 to run, or do anything else for that matter except fall back asleep. get your facts straight.