Friday, March 21, 2008

Offenses and Becoming Mr. Limpet

After only mentioning 3 of my 754 users by name, I've offended pretty much every one of my regular readers - so for that, sorry: Soda, Chris, Ben, Ian, Sarah, Chris (a different one), etc...

One of my favorite movies as a kid was the Incredible Mr. Limpet (found on obscure DVD in the Disney area).  It's about a guy who loves fish so much that one day he jumps into the ocean and becomes a fish.  He eventually joins the navy and turns the war (WWII) around for the US Navy and is a hero.  How does this fit into today's post?  I basically hate swimming.  I don't like swimmers and I don't like being wet, never have.  I grew up on the ocean and liked playing in the water, I even liked lakes but I really only like pools with slides and hot tubs.  Every time I swim, I hear the voice of Ben Collins telling me that I need to be comfortable in the water - so I work on this for 2.5 hours every week.  Now I find out I not only have to be comfortable but I'm wearing the wrong outfit (I can't wait for open water season here when I can wear my wetsuit for every swim for 5 months)!  This is how swimmers keep their sport elitest - 'you got that figured out, well you're wearing the wrong clothes'.  It's ok because I took 10 seconds off my 500 time, so take that 25th percentile swimmers! 

So until I do all of these things right, I've discovered that I will NEVER EVER make up a workout I skip - I could do this when I was in school, but my schedule is pretty much fixed 100% these days, so I'm only lying to myself.  I thought about it today and came to this realization.  No more. 

I'm also trying to like the water more.  So I'm even excited about watching the Olympics where I believe there is some water-based sports.  I even listened to a good podcast today from Micha Burden.  Micha Burden (pronounced Meeka) is one of the favorites to make it to Beijing as part of America's first ever 10K open water swim team. How tough is that event? Imagine a solid two hours of swimming averaging about 12 minutes per thousand meters.  I should get some prize for taking 20 mins to listen to this in my attempt to embrace all things swimming and water. 

For now, I'll just drink it since I'm near electronics. 


Limpet Pokorny


Courtenay said...

Greg says this sounds like a "great movie premise"!

I vote that you two sound like long lost brothers and therefore your swimming is going to be awesome real soon. Maybe, hopefully, this is a fully transitive relationship and Greg's blog will become cool like yours and he'll stop talking about lions and other people's blogs and random movies that relate to his personal athletic quests! Oh wait. nevermind.

(am still exacting revenge for swim teasements)

Kelly said...

I read your blog too, promise!

And, you know, I think people who like the water are wierd. It's so hard to get excited about going and jumping in a pool

Anonymous said...

hey Limpet,

you're going to love my latest post: it's all about swimmers!

PS I was being sarcastic when i said it sounded like a great movie premise. actually it sounds like one of those awesomely bad movies. i may have to borrow it from you one of these days.

Anonymous said...

I agree getting into the water is the worst part, once in it is like, well already wet so I guess I should keep going, but then you realize that you are just swimming and staring at a black line, not really going anywhere and think, I could just as easily get out and get a nice warm shower. It's like running on a treadmill, you can always get off, therefore BORING.

I would but rather jump in the algae infested, cold lagoon