Monday, March 17, 2008

Le Weekend

My training isn't even worthy of a post but since there are people in cold climates sitting on couches somewhere needing something to read, I feel compelled.

March08 088

I sort of have felt like Shoes does in this picture (replace Sada's headlock with Matt Dixon's training schedule).  I'm feeling a bit more motivated (really a fun issue to have only days before a half) and am sleeping slightly better. 

On Saturday I exchanged a climb up Mt. Tam for an 8am, 90 min class over at the Mill Valley Endurance Performance Training Center.  I should have gone for the climb - as it was a bruiser of a class.  In 90 mins my HR was in Z5 for over 80% of it - feeling like a really long Olympic distance TT.  I made the mistake of thinking I could hold 28mph as my base speed and started my power at 250w.  It was good to take this on mentally as I went through a bad patch mid-way through the class and knew enough to keep on going.  I felt great towards the end and left off the bike for a quick 15 min Z5 run or just around 5k.  Ian also did the class with me and did incredibly well for someone who has a torn hammy and had his ACL replaced only 8 weeks ago. 

Sunday was to be a nice tempo run but after taking the kids hiking and having lunch in Larkspur (I think it was the Left Bank Cafe) - I threatened my wife with getting her a respectable Sauvignon Blanc. I had to follow through and reluctantly tested one or two (1 oz max tastes!) to ensure they were in fact, respectable.  I settled Greta into her lounge chair (which means she won't ask me to do stuff around the house) in the sun with a Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc, an Eric Claptop biography, and washed my bikes, organized ALL of my race stuff and ate a Ben Collins helping of fruit (which is equal to about $37 only sale of course).  It made me remember the days when Tremonte would take pictures of the produce he'd buy every week. 

It's fruit season I guess as everything at Safeway was 10lbs for $10.  Ben, you'd be in heaven.  I also got a new flat screen TV and a DVD player with R/W capability so I could rip the 20 hours I've got recorded of triathlon and the TOC. 

I'm off to read my mail where I can guarantee to find a motivational e-mail from Mr. Collins or Mr. Fleischmann...

March08 097


Courtenay said...

i am sure you are not talking about us and our cold weather and our couch?? and ps that's what charlie looks like when greg is holding him. poor tormented kitties!

oh and we watched a lion documentary on animal planet last night...

Anonymous said...

I'm leading my first spin class ever tonight, I would invite you to come but I wouldn't want to hammer you further into the ground.

believe it or not, it was at court's insistence that we watch the lion doc. it was pretty good though.