Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's All My Fault

It really isn't - but it's perception that matters. 

  • I looked at the date and Oceanside is 24 days away.  I should probably find my race stuff.  It's going to take me that long to get organized. 
  • Apparently Mr Remaly, like all good pros, don't actually get up at 5am and I stand corrected - though I think Peter Reid used to swim pretty early and my point was that I'd rather be in happy place instead of on a hard run but now that I give it some consideration, a cat-pee couch at altitude where it's cold outside isn't a happy place.  Take that!
    • PS - Ben gets up at 5am to give me swim lessons.  That's a friend.
  • I also complain too much, probably because I train 95% of the time by myself.  I tried to draft off of someone last night on the way home for a super ez ride, and he tried to drop me for an hour.  I'd let him fly through red lights while I'd wait and chase him down, hopefully crushing his ego with each catch.  It wasn't an ez ride as I had planned but I wasn't bored. 
    • Non complaint: it's like May in New England here, tons of blossoming apple trees, flowers - at least my rides and runs smell nice.
  • I'm sort of bored with my training - probably because I haven't told my coach I'm bored and I opted to do the same training for 2 months - except with swimming, since the possibility of getting eaten by a whale or freezing to death at Oceanside is a strong possibility for me - so I'm motivated to swim a little and with variety.  If there was a lobster in our pool, I'd never get off and it would distract from swimming - but I'd be more motivated to get to the pool. 
    • I guess I need to make my training more fun and run with red meat in my shorts (I'm sure there are bears or coyotes - I know there are a ton of cougars (hahaha). 
    • With no Huggy Bear to run with - it's just me and the clock (how's that for an animal post?)
    • I got new sneakers but that wasn't too exciting, though I did change my iPod interval playlist.  Way more Kenny Loggins now.
  • I watched the 3rd quartile of the Never Ending Story (aptly named) and the Karate Kid last night.  I taught the girls how to karate punch and yell a good 'key-ahi".  Sada said she was going to show her friend Macy at school how to karate punch.  I'm sure we'll be getting a call from the school director today.  Piper kept asking during the movie 'is he dead'.   She's very concerned with anyone on the ground being dead.  At 2, I'm not sure where she got this from. 

Basically the hottest girl ever in 1984, still not so bad.


  • Today is my (our) 1 year anniversary in California - after moving from Seattle where I, in a 2-month period prior to moving: sprained a thumb, broke my leg (stress fracture), broke my nose, wrecked on my bike 2x (once with Ben) and was on anti-biotics twice (thanks Chris Tremonte).  The insurnance company didn't believe I wasn't in a car accident - they kept calling with different people asking about the car accident.

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