Monday, March 31, 2008


At Oceanside I didn't swim well.  This meant I was around the 35th percentile.  On the bike I passed 1,028 people.  Paula Newby Frasier was one of them.  Except she was on the side of the road.  I also passed Shari Kain.  It's not a good thing when you measure success by the number of pro women you've passed -one not racing and the other not racing mtn bikes.  It doesn't really matter.  When I got home - here's what my family made for me:

March08_Oceanside 032

March08_Oceanside 029


Christine said...

you're so lucky. I wish people made me cool posters.

Courtenay said...

this almost makes me want a kid. but i'd prefer a puppy.

Chris Westall said...

This actually made me stop thinking about the pro "goody" room that you got to fool around in (I want details).

Very Cool!

Oh... and I'll take you up on some of those water bottles.

kim updike said...

hey lulu... you will always impress me. I swam across the pool a couple of times yesterday towing scout and an alligator raft while two other 5 year olds jumped on my head... I think I am ready for an ocean swim. Today we are going to stroller race at ikea. :-)