Monday, March 3, 2008

I Got Hurt

That's what my daughter Piper said when she came home from the park covered in blood - missing a front tooth.  She looks the same, just with a missing front tooth now - for the NEXT 5 YEARS.  Poor kid.  She's a trooper, barely even cried and was eating like a champ all weekend. 

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Despite the missing tooth, I still got out even after going out for a great dinner with Greta for her birthday - also with Ian and Sally Charles.  We had a few bottles of Pride Mountain Merlot (2005, though the 03 and 04 are MUCH better). 

On Sat I did 80 mins of a trail run which was basically running up Ring Mtn, then down, then up again and then down.  I need to download to see exactly what I did - but it was around 9 miles.  The backside of the mtn is a 20% grade for about 1/3 of the run - so it was slow going in places. 

On Sunday I had a good ride with my friend Rich who brought along Matt Dixon of Endurance PTC and Tyler Stewart (owner of the fastest women's ironman bike split).  I bailed about 1/2 way though the ride so that I could end the ride by 3:30 and get in a 10k hard run after.  They did 4:17 and I did 3:10 plus 42 mins of running.  I had a nice sunburn by the end of the day.  Here's the motion based version.


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Courtenay said...

i am a major tyler stewart fan, she said she swam 15 mins slower in ironman florida than the leaders... whenever i feel like a water slug i think of her and remember you don't have to win the swim leg to be a badass.

tell her to get a blog or website so i can please stalk her harmlessly?