Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Complaint Department Working Overtime?

Is it Wednesday or just a bad day on the schedule for me? 

I'm cooked, could be the people at work with colds or it could be week 3 (the hard week) in my programm(e) - but I'm tired.  My 10 mile run at the 6:20 pace (which is my favorite workout) was not going to happen - it was dark and I slept terribly.  When this happens I hear the following things as I lay in bed at 5:05am debating what to do...

Ben Collins: 'Get up, if you're tired, you'll just have to work extra hard' (of course you can call him anytime and you're guaranteed to get the following 'man, I was trying to take a nap and EVERYONE has called me')

My Coach(es): 'if you're tired then you need to listen to your body' (then gives me 2 runs at 6:20-6:40 miles for 210 mins total). 

Macca: 'recovery is the 4th discipline' (easy to say when you can rip off sub 5:40 miles in a marathon)

Lorpeedo: 'when am I going to make this workout up... (lays in bed trying to rearrange schedule in head to figure out when 10 mile run fits), maybe I can do a 30 min hard run after swimming tomorrow...'

Greg Remaly: 'Little known fact: On average, Lions sleep 20 hours a day...'

Then I get up, check in with work and read the news and always find a reason to be happy.  Today's news made the 4 hours on a TT bike seem relatively comfortable - though not nearly as comfortable as that lady.  Between this and Elliot Spitzer, it makes me glad to be happily married (see the genuine smile below) and live in a home with 4 bathrooms.  Tomorrow I'll swim and do a 30 min brick run after at a Macca-worthy tempo.

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Greg Remaly said...

thanks for the great links. i just laughed until i couldn't breathe looking at the "If Celebs Moved..." blog and the other one, well that was just ridiculous. I'm still pondering how someone could possibly do such a thing. certainly makes me feel a little less like a bum.

Courtenay said...

ps see greg's post about jesus riding dinosaurs

we have no life, he and i

Christine said...

I wish I could sleep like a lion!!! I think I did on saturday, I was awake long enough to eat a bowl of cereal and attempt to read a chapter in my Tom Clancy book but then fell back asleep.

I don't see how Ben can nap so much, I just can't nap I feel worse after.

Oh what soda would say at 5am... I hope loren texts me and we don't have to go get in the icky bayclub pool. Or... I hope it is above freezing out and NOT raining.

Sarah said...

Funny on two levels:
1) I can totally relate to the lying in bed rearranging my workout schedule so that I can sleep longer thing...

2) That website was absolutely HILARIOUS. Wow.