Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aug 5, 1988 Follow Up

Questions from my readership:

  1. goggles is the correct spelling. ugh. too much google in my life obviously: there is too much Google in everyone's life.  After nearly 12 years at Microsoft, I could stand to see less Google.  Since my daughter calls goggles, googles, I know what you meant.
  2. but you did leave out some juicy details - for example why didn't it work out with Seattle Girl #1? I think you meant the girl that I was trying to impress?  I grew up in  NH - which is where I assume she still lives since very few people who grow up in New England ever leave.  I dated her from 1988-1992 where after I got more complaints about 'why do you have to train so much' that I gave up.  In between dates with her I had other dates with other ladies - which is sort of funny because one of them actually visited me in the hospital and left me some cologne along with a card.  The cologne spilled and I was in a hospital room with a card, spilled cologne and a girlfriend who wanted to know who 'Stormy' was.  Her name was in fact really Stormy, who I believe, went on to marry a New England Patriot.
  3. Next I'll find out you use a mask instead of goggles:  no greg, I'm a slow swimmer, not retarded.  I wear goggles, courtesy of Tyr and Ben.
  4. Ben, you're partly responsible for this, having enabled Loren for so long. I have Courtenay swimming lots of yards each day with a band around her ankles, after just a few months of swimming - now that is pro.  Actually, I have 2 bands in my swim bag that he made me make.  I tried it and my legs didn't work and fell to the bottom of the pool.  Since he isn't there to watch me, I don't use them.  I use swimmies and a swim noodle when no one is looking.
  5. i'll always think of you as "paddlewheel pokorny" from now on whenever you're swimming. You think that now, but isn't it funny how your girlfriend and I had similarly slow swims at Tinley's, perhaps it was the quality time we spent around buoy #2 in the fog.  While you're out training we're online chatting.  ALL DAY LONG.  I'm also training to be a cage fighter. 
    1. Actually, I think what you said was sort of a compliment.  Ben just laughs and mocks me and video tapes me and names those videos cruel names like 'orca boy tight hips' and 'plow stroke - bird wing recovery'. 

Thanks for the feedback.  I'll try to be more complete in the future.


Courtenay said...

Just out of hypothetical curiousity, does Ben also:

-gleefully chortle "who am i?!" prior to butterflopping around the pool pretending to mimic you?

-liken you to a whale?

-call your breastroke "cute"?

-laugh when you try to get out of the pool and you slip and slam your shin and have a huge bruise and cry and henceforth get out of the pool butt-first?

-eat egregious amounts of cheese and chips?

OK i'm off to look at pictures of cats putting on invisible pants on cheezburger while reminding myself that swimming is for fools.

Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of making fun of Courtenay's butterfly stroke this morning and she still isn't talking to me.

Maybe when she's sees Ben's video titles (which i find hilarious btw) she'll realize I'm actually pretty nice to her.

Courtenay said...

i hate him.

you have permision to make endless fun of him.

Courtenay said...

p.s. i think it's worth mentioning that "your readership" consists of: greg

Courtenay said...

p.p.s i keep forgetting to tell you that when i met brian fleischman at scott tinley's last year he was like "greg, i didn't know you had a GIRLfriend!"