Monday, March 10, 2008


I got hooked into a few blogs courtesy of Chris Tremonte.  He himself is a wealth of knowledge about just about anything related to triathlon except for bike maintenance.  One of my favorites he's got me hooked on is the Science of Sport blog which covers everything from running to cycling to drug testing and is written regularly by Dr. Ross Tucker Dr. Jonathan Dugas from South Africa.  They then got me into this article about footwear and running injuries the article comes with a suggested reading list of 22 different sources and is itself quite comprehensive that covers the history of footwear from bark to Nike Free.  I personally find that mixing my footwear from my new Zoot thermo-molded Recovery Sandals to my Cole Haan driving mocs to my Zoot Ultra Race flats to my Brooks - keeps my feet and legs both protected and stressed appropriately with each footwear giving me different levels support, cushion and flexibility. 

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Anonymous said...

I've been a subscriber to this "barefoot" running theory for a while, with some reservations. Less is definitely more when it comes to running shoes, but it takes a lot of time to wean yourself off of bulky running shoes to racing flats if you're not used to it, plus I'm not entirely sure it's ever appropriate for people to be running on sidewalk or pavement for lots of miles. Our ancestors certainly weren't running on these surfaces!

I do like running barefoot on grass during my runs, but this winter hasn't really allowed for that.