Friday, March 7, 2008

2 More Fat Ones....

I'm sort of glad that I've only got 2 more big weekends left - though I do enjoy ripping off a 1/2 marathon on Saturdays, I'm getting a bit tired of training and no racing (I love to race a lot more). 

This weekend is a half marathon in the AM at a decent pace - goal pace is in the <7:30 min mile pace range (I'll get to test out the Zoot shoes then too).  In the evening is a 10k that I'll try to get done in the <7 min mile pace timeframe.  In between is a morning at the beach with the kids, some shopping for a very skinny 4 year old and maybe a nap. 

Sunday is a good 4 hour TT bike effort with much time in Z3 and about 4,500 ft of climbing - followed by a 30 min brick run and a lot of Ben's Clif Recovery drink.

I figure if I can survive this training then a half ironman is going to be fun to race. 

Yet again, here's another sunrise before a run (I used to see this on the way back - but now I get to see it before I leave!). 

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Base Performance is here:

I got my new products from Chris Lieto's Base Performance Nutrition.  He gave me a lot of good tips for usage and I'll be working with him to get some FAQs answered - I'm really excited by some of the testimonials he's already getting and am planning on using the Base Water and Base Amino in all my training from here on out.

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