Thursday, February 28, 2008

Your Stupid Hybrid

I'm not a big fan of these cars - mostly because I think people believe they're doing the 'right thing' for Al Gore, their kids and the earth but it seems like they don't really think it through. 

  1. You just got a new Prius or other ugly hybrid
    1. What did it take to build that car?  A whole lot of energy.  A lot.  What did you save by creating the demand for another car?
    2. What happened to the other car you drove? I don't think you had it crushed and turned into solar panels or a windmill. 
  2. What's the gas mileage on that new car - based on a realistic commute - 30-40 or maybe 50 mpg? 
    1. Do you carpool - I bet you don't.  Most of the greenies I see in their new hybrids don't. 
      1. In Marin (and probably elsewhere, you get to drive in the carpool lane with a Hybrid). 
      2. If you did carpool - then effectively, you just doubled your mpg per occupant - but I bet you didn't. 
  3. In your old car, what was the mpg you got?  In my car (either 26mpg BMW 3-series or 17mpg BMW X5)
    1. If you did carpool, then effectively with 1 more person, you are getting 34 mpo (miles per occupant) in the X5 with a 4.4 liter motor or 52mpo in the 3-series.
    2. If you didn't carpool then you're a fool. 
  4. PS - when those batteries go bad in your hybrid - what happens to them?

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I'm just on this rant because I ride a bike more than I drive, even when I drove I carpooled with my wife or friend - I figure I can because I do this.  I also live in Marin, the hypocrite capital of California - tons of Hybrid & Range Rover/911/Escalade/Mercedes 500 series households.

I just wonder why people don't consider MPO as opposed to MPG?  I think that living green is likely more effective by changing one's lifestyle rather than buying what is considered 'green' - make investments in long-term, low impact ways. 

For instance:

  • Is it better to make your own bread than to buy it at the store and throw out a plastic bag a week? 
  • How about getting milk delivered in glass bottles - or is the delivery a greater carbon footprint than buying it each week? 
  • How about solar panels (this is CA after all) on your roof?  What is the heating source for your home - we had central air in a home that had no insulation and now have forced hot water which only has to be on for about 3 hours a day.
  • There are many obvious other ones that I won't even get in to (carpooling...)

I also have run to work- about 13-14 miles round trip if I ferry it in (I should have kayaked!) - but I wouldn't advise that.  It made for a very tiring day and I probably put out as much C02 as a V8. 

Above is the sunrise on Monday AM.  That's something nice I had to say.

Here's a new blog I started for my kids:

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