Monday, February 4, 2008

Transition Weekend

My wife was gone this weekend - down in San Diego.  To fill in, Ben flew down to help out, move a few things with me and to help me get my band started.  That's right - with no wife around for the weekend, it was Rock Band on the xbox once the kids were asleep (they can sleep with a lot of racket going on).  I think the game is a training killer - much like wine/beer - except worse because you can't ride through 5 hours of sleep.  The name of our band is a pretty good one: Young Kids andMen of All Ages (the missing space is intended).  You'd think the name is a bit sketchy but it comes from a response from Ben when I said that women don't think gas is funny. So those who do this gas is funny are 'Young kids andMen of all Ages'. 

Since Greta was gone, I didn't feel great and chose to move a ton of boxes to our new home - I didn't do anything this weekend.  I did get my TT bike out for the AM and PM commute.  It's been a long time since I rode it - so it's fun to get back on it. 

That's all.  I'm glad Greta is home - she was missed.


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