Monday, February 18, 2008

Tour of California Photos

Here are some photos I took of the Tour as it passed through Sausalito.  The race start was about 25 mins from my home in Tiburon, so I took advantage of my rest day spin to go over and play groupie for a day over by the Mapei Quick Step bus.

The Slipstream Bus:

Feb08 014


Feb08 043


Feb08 044

Jonathan Vaughters (the inspiration behind my sideburns):

Feb08 016


Feb08 018

Tom Ritchey:

Feb08 019

One of my favorites: Tosatto!

Feb08 026

Word Champ Paolo Bettini - he's a little guy with a 49cm bike frame. 

Feb08 033

Tom BOONEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb08 039

Patrice Hagland (on the right):

Feb08 040

From Seattle, Johnny "the cat" Sundt:

Feb08 046


Feb08 047

The peleton (about 30 secs after they passed, this guy pulls over right next to me and takes a nature break in the shrub), it was Levi.  I felt compelled to take a picture, but can't post it. 

Feb08 057

Neutral Support:

Feb08 048

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