Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Tale of Two Runs

I haven't been very consistent with my running - partly because I keep feeling bad and because it's been really rainy.  The rain is gone now and I'm feeling much better - still ramping to 100% though, so I'm not hitting all my training goals just yet.  I've got 2 more weeks in this cycle - with next week being the hardest by far - culminating with a 4-5 hour ride + 30 min run and then 140 mins of running the next day (broken into a long run w/tempo and then 100% tempo for 40 mins). 

I do the same run - 60 mins along the same route.  Here was my run from 2 weeks ago:


Then here is the run I did Tuesday morning - the only difference is that I pushed things to get to the tempo I was supposed to run at rather than the HR I was supposed to run at:


You can almost see that I ran almost identical pace for the entire run- 7:35 week 1, and 7:33 week 2.

Both runs had 2 miles easy, 4 hard and 2 easy.  Week 1 had an avg and max HR of 169/183 and Week 2 had an avg and max HR of 173/190.  If you can see my mile times, I'm incredibly consistent on miles 1 & 2, then as planned, ramp up for miles 3-6 (I got a little tired and slowed down 5 beats on mile 6) and then coasted up the hill (131 ft) - avg grade of 7% and then floated home.

I'm looking forward to finishing out this week strong - focusing on my swim stroke tomorrow and a solid bike home tonight (lots of Z4). 

Many thanks to Ben who took some time (at 5am) to come coach and video my swim.  Still tons of things to focus on.  I'm lucky and grateful to have a top swimmer like that help me out so much.  He even gives me feedback on how dorky it is to swim in my old tri-suit.  After all, this feedback comes from a guy who wears brown plaid pants, back running socks, running shoes and a North Face jacket. 

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