Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So What

I can't even think of much to write - I'm smack in the middle of the hardest week (week 3 of the 4 week cycle) of my training cycle (3 hard, 1 ezpz - crediting Katie Mac).  It started with Ben giving me crap on Monday for working instead of swimming - I didn't have the heart to point out that my 3k swim was listed as optional.   Ran hard, rode hard, swam, rode and will ride again (that was yesterday and today).  I also tried eating an entire bag of Swedish Fish, I think there's protein there but I'm not sure.  It didn't help my run with mile repeats. 

I woke up 2x last night swearing that the alarm had gone off, it was dark - so I figured it was 4:55am, time to get up and go swim.  I got up (I did this twice now) at 11:28pm and noted the time on my watch as a began walking downstairs.  Dozing off again into a deep sleep, I woke up again to go swim, (repeat previous line) and noticed it was almost 3am, went back to bed.  I did make it to the pool - somewhere around 5:45am. 

Also reading a few new blogs because Ben and Christine and completely unreliable to write.  Not sure why I read blogs so much, the life of the pro triathlete is not glamourous, exciting or anything I envy - I suspect that with the great volumes Ben spends driving our BMWs - that it's the other way around in some ways.  I suspect that it's because triathletes are generally well educated, well written, Type A freaks and get more out of life than your average American Idol-watching-American.

Some well written blogs I got into from friends of friends (my friend Katie rides on the same team as Courtenay who is dating Greg who races against my friend Ben). 

In short, Courtenay and Greg's blogs are both well written, humorous and mention swim, bike or run in nearly every post.  Courtenay talks a lot about pets.  My cat peed on my freshly washed cycling kit- right before I was heading out for a ride.  I thanked Greta for putting the cat box OUTSIDE.  This morning I found that same cat locked in a guest bedroom where I'm sure she took a big fat messy poo.  I didn't bother to look.  Take that Courtenay for a pet post. 


I'm selling 2 pair of wheels I got from Macca that I don't really need.  Check em out.


ZteamTriathlon said...

sheesh give a girl a break, school, hw, job, training, being sick, being social (ok maybe not), watching hockey... yea I'll post, probably during one of my classes tomorrow...btw I am swimming WAY faster.

Courtenay said...

haha i was thinking of posting about how greg's cat (he's only mine when he's good) peed on the couch for NO REASON.

bad kitty.

if only i had katie mac stories to post all year, then we wouldn't hear so much about the trials and tribs of my goldfish!