Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seattle Lady on the Loose

I forgot to write about the lady who I presumed was from Seattle - because like a great percentage of Seattlites - she was insane.  While a small group of people waited outside the Quick Step RV for the Tour of CA there was a lady who made her way to the front of the 'line'.

As each rider came out of the RV to grab their bike or a bottle she would yell in what sounded like Annette Bennings' voice:

"Welcome to Sausalito, welcome to California - you are an inspiration to all cyclists everywhere, thank you for coming to California"

After the 2nd or 3rd time I asked the kid next to me why his mom was there - which was funny to a bunch of people.  She didn't hear me, because she kept going - getting 7 out of the 8 riders.

The lady in front with the blond hair - that's her.   Crazy lady from Seattle issuing disingenuous tidings and welcoming world champions to Sausalito.

Feb08 035

You'll see below that Tom Boonen is smirking because after she yelled it at him, someone said in Dutch or Flemish that she was crazy.

Feb08 037

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