Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sea Lions Don't Eat Bread and How Crest Whitestrips Can Save You

My day yesterday started off with a half-dozen or so sea lions just hanging out off of our front porch.   I think there must be a massive school of fish that (as a result of the tides) end up right in front of our home each morning around sunrise.  Also in attendance are pelicans, sea gulls and hundred of duck-like birds.  I told my wife that they were out front and she ran to the kitchen to get some bread - because after all, every other animal in the water will eat it.  We found out sea lions don't eat bread, directly. They just sort of look at you, blow their nose at you and swim around.

Feb08 010 That wasn't a bad start to my day (actually, it started earlier with a pretty lame swim).  I forgot that the forecast said that it could rain, but since it's been so sunny and warm - I figured that I could ignore the forecast. 

Fast forward the whole day where it rained....

About 6pm when I left work for my ride home - choc full of some not-so-tasty intervals, it was a light rain.  Then it got heavier and it got darker and I began thinking

that riding a TT bike, in the rain and dark was something I'd prefer not to do.  Left with no other way home - I continued onward -looking at things positively: there were very few tourists to dodge, the number of other cyclists competing for the fastest commute home was next to nothing and Ben said I needed to be 'more comfortable' in the water, so riding in soaking wet clothing would probably help me get there. 

As I began my first little test of 2 mins at 350w, I began climbing up to the Golden Gate bridge.  After the 2 mins ended I heard 'whir whir - pop'.  My back tired blew - which was less fun because my HR was a bit high from the effort and it was dark, pouring rain and I had no rain gear on.  I pulled out the tube, put in a new one (after checking for glass and other objects that likely pierced the tube).  After putting 30 lbs into it - I noticed that the cause of the flat was a massive cut in my sidewall (which was my first in over 12 years of riding).  I must have rolled over a collection of steak knives I thought to myself.  Remembering that I could fix a sidewall with a $1 bill- I began to dig and then sadly remembered that my $1 bills were in the pocket of my jeans at work.  I was in no way going to use a $5 to fix a tire - so I dug into my bag.  Behind the Paris metro map, a subway ticket for that same metro system, 11 pennies, a book of Tiburon ferry tickets, Bandaids and Tylenol I found a Crest Whitestrip packet that I put in my bag for the trip I made to Europe over 1.25 years ago (because when you're traveling from London to Paris to Brussels to Madrid, there's a lot of extra time to whiten your teeth). 


The package is made of foil (really good stuff) and the whitestrip itself is plastic.  It worked just great and I was able to get about 70 lbs of pressure into the rear wheel and down the road another 5 miles in the pouring rain where I would meet my wife who could rescue me.

They were Whitestrips Premium - so be sure to spend the extra cash just in case.

I was then able to stop in Sausalito at 'A Bicycle Odyssey' - a wonderful shop who opened their doors 30 mins after they closed so I could get a new tire and tube.  I ended my day with a slide of chocolate cake that would nicely fuel my recovery run at 5:30am.

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Chris Westall said...

Nice work on the whitestrip MacGyver. Sucks you had to ride home like that!