Monday, February 18, 2008

Rest Week

I've been so excited to get through this brutal weekend (remember I'm a big baby and like doing sprints because more people show up with mtn bikes than in other race distances) because THIS week is a rest week.  Here's a rest week:

Mon: easy ride 1 hour

Tues: Run 45, Ride 2 hours

Wed: Swim 45, Ride 2 hours 

Thurs: Run 45, Ride 2 hours

Fri: Swim 45

Sat: Ride 3 hours

Sun: Run 1.25 hours

Total: ~14 hours

Then I go into my final build before Oceanside 70.3   Over the past 2 weeks I've made some adjustments in my nutrition, supplements and I've been messing with my TT bike position.  I've had to raise my saddle about 3 mm and move it forward about as much in addition to dropping my front end by about 2.5mm.  It feels a little better and hopefully my legs can adjust in the next few weeks. 

PS - here's the sunrise from my kitchen:

Feb08 001

1 comment:

Greg Remaly said...

man, what a lousy view! :-)

if you're into pine trees, snow, and crappy apartment complexes, I'll trade you my view here from our porch in Incline Village - what say you?

keep up the great training!