Thursday, February 28, 2008

Poopie Shoes

In fear of being on of those dreadfully boring amateur triathlon blogs - I won't write EVERY post about my last workout (which BTW was hard but delightful - I saw 192 HR). 

So for those of you who think their cats are problematic, meet my cat Shoes (and while you're at it, meet Fellini - whose name comes from Breaking Away).  This is Shoes looking at Ben - just after this I took the picture that Ben uses on his blog header (or used to) - so that must indicate something.


She looks sweet and harmless - but like Saddam, she's really not this benevolent creature loved by all. 

Shoes has IBD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

This cost us $2,000 to find out and at the same time we discovered her version is not curable. 

What does this mean?  We'll, when the moment hits, she poops where she stands (visualize turkey gravy).  This was particularly enjoyable as we tried to sell our home in Seattle - like during an open house where prospective buyers are wondering with they should really spend a ton of money on this beaaaaaaaaaautiful home - whoops, it stinks in here and holy crap - there's crap all over the stairs - we'll let you know about the house later....

After TRYING to deal with this, we simply had to make her an outside only cat.  She gets about 5 mins a day inside where she is loved and then kicked out.  Because we made her an outside cat, she got fleas which she gave to Fellini. 

So there Ben and Courtenay.  My cat is worser than either of your cats and yes, I said worser.

As the kids say 'Shoes out!'.

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