Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mountain Diarrhea

What do you get when you cross 6 days of rain a mountain and a fool?  You get a super-fun trail run on the sloppiest, coldest, wettest 'trail' all by yourself.  It was pouring rain and windier than I've seen in a long time (until today).  Since the weather was NOT going to clear (which is usually does) - I had to stop putting it off and just run.  For the first time in a long time - it was an easy run, one where I could keep my HR below 163 (which is the top of Z2).  I had planned on running up and then down Ring Mountain (it's really just a big hill) - enjoying the train and not having to worry about sustaining some insane per mile pace. 

The last time I ran this with Ben my HR was pegged at 185 for most of the ascent, but yesterday it was pretty easy to keep it in my target zone.  The trail was  a mess - so it made for slow going if I wanted to keep my feet from under me.  For most of the ascent, I thought that it would have been a run that Chris Tremonte would have really enjoyed- it was a trail run, it was hard and the weather was terrible.

For 70 mins I ran in solitude except for the rain and wind that made it quite painful when it hit you in the face.  I didn't even see a bird who was foolish enough to enjoy the views from the top that have been published in various running magazines (you can see 360 from SFO, to OAK, to Mt Tam....).  It was nice to get out, enjoy and easy run and suffer a bit from the weather.  It was still better than anyone who has to train through an east coast winter.  


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Anonymous said...

hey you know what?!?! it was 45 and oh so sunny today!! I actually sat outside and did some reading, I don't know what is more shocking that I was sitting outside and not frozen or that I was reading for a class?