Monday, February 11, 2008

Making Waves

That's right kids.  I was in the pool last week with my swim coach getting some help with the worst leg of my triathlon.  Luckily, it's the worst leg for many others as well.  I was just hoping to get a few pointers about my killer stroke, kudos for how small my kicking was (not kicking my legs 1 yard apart) and some ego stroking for my strong anchor and easy recovery. 

I was lucky Ben didn't just walk out of the pool, pee in my lane or throw up on me. 

orca It was bad.  For the first time ever, I got videotaped in the pool - I'm sure you've heard a million times that you should get video'd in the pool.  I thought it was silly to do -but Ben brought his water proof camera to our session and taped me a few times. He saved the videos with titles such as 'booty roll', 'making waves', and 'you're going sideways more than you are forward'.  I just wish there was a nicer coach out there or at least prettier one.  It turns out, my hips are tight, which makes my legs drop, which I then compensate for by massively  kicking like I'm in a cage fight. 


In short, I have a few specific things to work on before Oceanside.  Luckily, I've got a decent bike going and my run is fair.  I think I just put almost 1.6mph onto my fastest avg ride ever on Saturday for the longest distance I've ridden in about 4 years followed by my fastest run over 11+ miles - 14 sec faster per mile.


I'll write more about that this week - I'm still sore from being on my TT bars for over 3 hours straight.  I'm also addicted to swedish fish - they apparently have no protein in them.  I'm sure they'll help me in the 3rd week of my build.  This week is going to be chock full of hurt. 

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