Monday, February 11, 2008

The Lonely IHOP Ride and a Few Tan Lines

Ian's House of Pain (IHOP) was there on Saturday - it wasn't the same being the both the producer and recipient of pain - but I made every attempt to honor the IHOP.  This was to be a long ride as directed by my coach as a 3.5 hour ride doing some Z2/Z3 with some additional precisely portioned helpings of Z4.  The day was perfect, 50+ degrees and sunny.  I haven't ridden my TT bike in quite a while and since I will be putting about 60 miles on in at Oceanside, I figured I should ride it.  It felt great - I had to tweak the saddle and after an hour of riding  - I got it nailed.  It's a treat to get off the brake hoods and just point forward and go.  I sensed I was riding pretty well for February and found out that I had indeed never rode further or faster than I did on Saturday (faster only in races with a disc wheel).  I was happy with how I felt and followed up the ride with a 30 min run of pain.  I simply haven't done a brick in a while and certainly not after having moved a house the day before nor after a ride quite like the lonely IHOP. 

One of the highlights of the ride was stopping at Point Reyes Station at the mid-point and being able to take off the leg warmers for the cruise home.  Yes, there were tan lines in February.

Here's tentative 2008 schedule - some of the races I have registered for:

Tentative 2007 Schedule
March: Oceanside 70.3

April: Sacremento Triathlon (sprint)

May: UVAS South Bay Triathlon (long sprint)

June: San Jose International (Olympic)

July: Vineman 70.3 & Tiburon Tri (if around)

August: Folsom International Triathlon & Santa Barbara Triathlon

September: Big Kahuna Half-Ironman

October: 70.3 Worlds?

I'll probably fit 1-2 more races in there but not sure if I'll have the motivation.  I know I got pretty tired last year by the time September rolled around and since I took not much of a break except for illness, I may not go past September OR I'll take some time off between UVAS and San Jose. 

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Kelly said...

hey! I'm going to do sacramento, san jose and folsom too! yay