Thursday, February 28, 2008

How NOT to Start a Day

This morning I rode into work.  Before I got out the door I made a final pit stop and ended up dropping my glove into the toilet. 

On the way to work I got a flat, fixed it and as soon as I pumped it up (yes, I use a pump) the core of the tube blew out and I had to put in another one. 

I put in another one and rode through some glass about 3 miles later and got another flat. 

I think I would have rather had a cat throw up on my bed.


Anonymous said...

you must have absolutely NOTHING to do at work if you have the time to post this much AND create a new blog for your kids AND update it relatively regularly. Does it pay well? Can I work there?

Chris Westall said...

you must have done something wrong... Karma is kicking your butt right now :-)

And I don't know if I'm offended or not by the comment on blogs that only post about their last training session. I find it a nice place to vent... And that way my wife doesn't have to listen to me talk about it (she doesn't really care about how good or bad my swim/bike/run was)

So what the hell... Post/Vent/Whatever, do it until your feeling better that you got it off your chest; Only a few people "might" read them and they can relate to your pain.

Talk to you soon pee gloves :-)

Westy (LOL)

kupdike said...

lulu- i miss you. love walker... btw... the kids and greta look great. come see us in fl!