Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hardest Ride Ever

Yesterday I had the single hardest ride of my life - including races.  I think.  The plan was to do about 4 hours, pretty hard doing everything in Z2,3 and some Z4 (all hills in 4).  I rode up north over rolling terrain - through Nicasio, over to Pt. Reyes and then back.  After getting to Pt Reyes I headed on course and then decided to take the scenic route along the ocean.  At this point I had ridden about 2,220 ft and 45 miles holding about 275w-300w for nearly the entire ride. 



I knew that I was in for a climb - but I guess I forgot how much of a fun one it is.  I started climbing with some pretty tired legs but after having been on the aero bars for 2.5 hours straight - the change of position was welcomed.  After about the first 15 minutes I began to look for the top - as I had never ridden this side of Tam, I wasn't really sure, every corner felt like the peak should be just-around-the-bend. 

I died at least a thousand deaths in the last 15 mins of the climb (it was slightly less). 

The good news about going the route I did was that I was likely going to see very few cyclists climbing (and possibly passing me) on the way up - with only a half dozen or so who were flying down in the other lane.  The embarrassment was spared!  I did finally make it home - with even a few efforts on the way home allowing me to fly past a few triathletes out on the road.  By the time I got to my house, I couldn't stand upright and every fiber of my legs were sore.  At the end of the day I had ridden about 65 miles and climbed over 4,400 feet.  I figure that after a ride like this, Oceanside 70.3 should be a piece of cake. 

This morning I ran the fastest half-marathon of my life. 

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