Monday, February 18, 2008

Best Run Ever

As I mentioned previously, I've made some adjustments in a number of areas: nutrition, supplements, training volume, intensity, etc... I made a few more on my long run this week.  It definitely paid off as I ran 1:40 and well past the 13.1 mile mark in addition to climbing 1,100 feet along the route.  I didn't run nearly as hard as I had the previous week and I the tweaks I made in my fueling/hydration strategy definitely seemed to work.  I've got another 1-2 more tweaks that I'd like to try over the next few weekends before locking my plan for Oceanside 70.3 - but I was definitely happy.  I managed to knock about 16 seconds off per mile than I did on my previous fastest run at this distance.  All of this the day after my hardest ride ever

I thought for sure that this weekend would be a terrible one given the intensity and volume I've been given (though Ben will tell you that my day off last week with an optional swim was actually spent working all day while eating a bowl of chips and salsa followed by a Bud Light). 

Because my wife is sort of a good sport (sometimes she doesn't hide her disdain for my training) - we took half a day with the girls and hit Sonoma (about 20 mins north) to go visit Valley of the Moon and BR Cohn wineries.  The Pinot Blanc at V ot M winery was excellent - perfect for a warm "winter" afternoon (it was 60 and sunny there).  Also grabbed a few bottled of their bigger reds that I'll look forward to trying soon - I think we brought home some Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Zin, Cab Sauv and their Port.  40% off on cases this weekend - so I had to fill up!

Feb08 061

Also new to me was the Clif Recovery Drink - Ben had left some here (he's sponsored by Clif) and I'm sold on the stuff.  I've never had a recovery drink that tasted good and worked as well.  I was impressed and will be buying some in the future.  The Orange/Mango was what I had. 

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get we get our Christmas tree in the Valley of the Moon, on Moon Mountain.