Thursday, February 14, 2008

Because I'm Not Average

I figured I should continue my thoughts on triathlete blogs.  As I mentioned in my previous posts, triathletes (the one's whose blogs I read) tend to be above average in every way.  In doing a LITTLE research, I realized, I'm probably selling these folks short (research was limited to the blogs I read):

Greg Remaly: UNC Chapel Hill, English degree, well written and well read.  His music tastes aren't even suspect despite actually owning up to having tunes from the Karate Kid soundtrack.  Pro Triathlete.

Courtenay Brown: University of VA, well written and likely well read.  I know one of her teammates and her DS, Lisa Hunt fairly well.  Might as well call her pro, she just needs to make it official with a top 7 I think.

Ben 'Huli Chicken' Collins: don't need much here, if you read my blog, you know Ben.  Talented wonderboy with the engineering degree from Columbia who thinks that being a post-bac Medical School student is a good way to balance out his pro triathlon carrier.  Pro triathlete.  Ulgliest blog this side of the Mississippi.  I think I'm to blame for some of it when I said 'make the font Ariel. 

Chris Tremonte: I knew Chris from Microsoft - he introduced me to Ben.  Chris knows more about the physio side of triathlon than anyone I know - if you've got a question he'll give you a page long response that is incredibly well thought out and choc-full of advice.  He went to Carnegie Mellon, I think has a CS degree, full-time employee at Microsoft and professional triathlete.

The list goes on with guys like Chris McCormack (accounting degree and law student in the off season), VIctor Plata (who I think was a law student or is)....  I could write another few blogs just about the guys I get to train with like Ian Charles, Chris Berry, etc... even Soda (even though she's a tiny little baby, she's smart, well above average and despises her LiLo (Lindsay Lohan) look-alike sister).  I raced bikes for a LONG time and typically, the fastest guys were forklift operators, warehouse workers, construction workers, and shuttle drivers. 

That's all, not sure the point of all this - because I'm likely preaching to the choir, except that I notice that we're in a special sport with some pretty amazing people. 


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Anonymous said...

wow you make me sound like I am 15! oh well, I am taking it as a compliment, but I didn't quite get the Lilo reference. Are you saying she like Lilo from the Disney movie, because I like him he is funny, she is nothing like that, she is a terror, she is more like the little girl from the Poltergeist. Or the evil step sister from Cinderella (not the one that falls in love with the Baker in #2). WOW I spend way too much time with your kids.