Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Are Bike Riders Really Babies in Spandex?

I sort of thought so based on the blog that I've been sucked into by Courtenay.  Lately, she's been ranting on about not being a Levi fan and what a whiner he is.  I sort of agreed after reading a few posts.  Then on my ride home last night I noticed how perfect the winter weather was at 7pm riding along the ocean towards the Golden Gate bridge.  It was probably 55 out and not a hint of breeze - the riding was effortless and I was zipping along on my TT bike.  Then I realized that bike riders are probably some of the best people for appreciating everything from the humidity, the wind, the smells, the quality of the tarmac and being in tune with how they feel.  With that said, it's no wonder bike riders complain a lot - they're basically critics of the outdoors and if they're professionals, then the likely have a some leeway there. 

I don't think triathletes appreciate the outdoors quite as much - I say this because I'm in the pool which is not outdoors, when I get out of the pool the chlorine has killed nearly everything in my sinuses and I can't smell anything for a few hours and if I'm on my bike or running - I'm probably going too hard to appreciate much except for a tall glass of Clif recovery drink.  Last night was an exception - I had a super EZ ride home and I've really got nothing to complain about.

(I will complain about the tourists who don't look when the cross the street in the Fisherman's Wharf area ALL SUMMER LONG.  Most will run, but some leave grandma struggling for herself.)

Bike riders, in my opinion are happy babies. 













Today is also my wife's birthday - so happy birthday Greta!


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Courtenay said...


levi is most def a whiner. but as for bike racers as a whole - i think they are a good lot. yeah some whine about the weather and go to great lengths to explain why they didn't personally win the race or even do their job right, but for the most part i think their hearts are in the right place, especially once you get to the pro level. bike racing is such an incredibly hard and incredibly team oriented sport that you can't really get by if you are a total dick, unless you have rocket-powered legs i guess.

along these lines: triathletes don't have to forge team relationships, and triathlon is much more about everyone being a winner than bike racing is. (hence the stereotype of the self-absorbed triathlete i guess?) there is only one winner of the bike race.

one could draw comparisons for ages, ultimately both are great sports that produce great individuals and great reasons for the fans and racers to get involved and excited.

in the blogosphere though, there is a very small handful of non-pro triathlete blogs that i can bear to read. isn't there more to blog about than every minute detail of your gym's treadmills and your 90 minute workout that was so hard (general "you" here, not YOU you loren). i mean really. if your goal is to race, of course the workouts are hard and of course you're going to face challenges, and they probably aren't unique ones either. racing is hard, so is training. let's hear about some scenery instead! ;)

on that note i am off to battle some fellow gym-goers for a treadmill. thanks for the good reading, and a venue for this opinion that i have been hesitant to blog about myself.