Friday, January 11, 2008

Z-Tri Team

We finally got the designs and team done for the new Tri Team that Ian and I developed.  We should have the clothing in a few weeks - so here's the new running top and tri-suit.  You'll see that we've got a few sponsors: Bank of America, Rex & Co, Inc, Janet Williamson & Associates, Marin Magazine and lastly Chris Lieto's Base Performance Nutrition.

z-run z-tri


You can buy these here at 3 Ring Cycles.  Tomorrow I'll start riding again a bit more and hope I can hang pretty easy in a 3 hour team ride tomorrow.  The main group will hammer out 4-5 hours but I will only do a mere 3 hours + 20-30 min brick run afterwards. 

I swam for a short while this morning with Soda but didn't go very hard - I'm getting better, so I'm hopefully the increase in workout hours over the weekend doesn't bring my flu back.  I got out earlier in the week for 9.25 miles running 7:59 min/miles - going pretty easy but my HR still wasn't where it is supposed to be ~151-154 at that pace. 

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Ben said...

wow, you really reached out with the blue white and red. I don't think I've ever seen a team with that color combo before...