Thursday, January 24, 2008

Team Zoot/GU

A few weeks ago I had applied to this team (along with a few others) just to see what would come of it. Well, I was accepted into their program for 2008.  There are some great benefits - aside of a bunch of freebies and the discounts.


I do hope to get access to their new line of shoes so that I've got something before the end of February - I definitely want to be training a little bit in my racing flats well before Oceanside 70.3 on March 29.  I've also applied to a similar Polar program for 2008 as well - my wife is desperate to see me in something other than a blue/red plastic Polar 520 HRM (which was eventually replaced by the S625x). 

Speaking of training, here's what I've been running in happily for about 18 months - the Brooks Addiction 7 (you can find them at sportsbasement for $80 + the USAT discount of 10-15% when you show your USAT card) .   I had developed stress fractures in my shins from running too hard/fast in the wrong shoe (Nike Air Max).  Brooks shoes are ugly, but maybe a better term would be plain (save for the T5).  They are however, a great shoe for a bigger runner who needs stability - which I confused with cushion when I was running in Nike.  Nike Shox seem like they'd be great but since you don't land on your heel, I don't understand the point of all the cushioning in the rear of the shoe. 

t5 st3

The Brooks T5 (left) is what I raced in this season - but for my weight (175) it wasn't enough support - I blistered every time I wore them.  They're like running barefoot and they feel great - I just wouldn't use them again for anything longer than a 5k at my weight.  I'm going to move into the Racer ST 3 instead - it's slightly heavier at 8.7oz vs 5.9oz - but then again, the difference is 0.2% of my bodyweight.  Regardless of the looks, I'd really recommend Brooks as a solid shoe for guys over 170lbs.  I also am pretty diligent about running in new shoes every 300 miles or 3 months. 


Anonymous said...

1- why did you not tell me about anything but the polar deal? 2-I land on my heel when I run so I have NO clue what you are talking about.

Tracy said...

1. congrats on becoming that annoying guy before and after races. "um, excuse me, would you like to try the new flavor gu? please, because-they'll-stop-sending-me-this-free-crap-if-i-don't-hand-out-two-boxes-worth. please sir come back!"

2. getting running advice from loren is only slightly better than getting swimming advice from loren, which probably comes below getting pushed off your mountain bike at full speed by loren.

3. there's two synonyms for heel strikers: speed walkers and injured.

4. if your tri or running store sells nike shoes, you're actually not at a tri or running store - you're at dick's sporting goods, and that huffy is probably a bad idea too.