Saturday, January 12, 2008

Team Ride Recap

I was feeling better enough today to join the Z-team ride this morning at 8am.  Since it starts about 7 miles away, we (Soda and I) had to leave about 7:30.  The plan was to sit in and go 3 hours (about 50 miles and head home).  I forgot that when a bike team is going to ride 4-5 hours they start real slow and don't get going for 45 mins or so.  I don't really have that sort of luxury -so I've got to get on it a bit at the start. 


You can see from the profile above that I'm not entirely over my cold and my HR is a tick on the high side.  My zone 2 ends at almost 160 - so I had hoped to stay under that threshold.  I didn't.  The started climbing the first hill pretty slow and the road shoulder was small, full of debris and potholes -I figured it would be more fun to go to the front and go just a bit faster.  You'll see in the chart above that my HR was around 180 - which didn't feel bad but apparently it wasn't so good for Soda who was experiencing an asthma attack someone in the group behind.  I stayed towards the front - since I was already off of it and just hammered a bit on the flats until the next climb.  I figured Soda was in the group as it flew by me as I stopped to look for her - not seeing the only tri-bike (and female) in a pack of 20+ guys, I thought she might have been dropped, so 3 of us went back a while and then gave up - figuring either she was in the pack and we missed her, or she was an unhappy camper WAY off the back.  Turns out -she didn't make the turn up the hill and went clockwise after her attack to catch her breath.  I took it easy on the way back and ended the ride with about 49 miles and somewhere close to 3 hours with an avg. HR of 147.  I'll be ramping up the intensity after I do my next LT test over at Endurance PTC on Jan 25th.

Now I'm at home stretching and watching my girls while Greta is out getting a massage.

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