Sunday, January 6, 2008

Scary and Hairy!

You'd think this post was about Ian 'Huggy Bear' Charles, but it's not. 

A few days ago we had a wind storm -in Seattle it would have been called the STORM OF 2008 and there would be all sorts of news stories how people were stocking up for what might be 24 hours of people having to stay indoors.  Nevertheless, I got out today for an easy ride and a climb up Mt Tam (I alternate my weekends - one ride with climbing and the following weekend with very little).  I knew it wasn't a good sign when the road was closed about 2 miles up the climb of 12 miles.  I treated the barrier like any good 'crosser would - leaping it and then remounting for some more pain.  There was a lot of junk on the road from the wind.  In some places you couldn't even see the road - just pine needles, branches or leaves covering the road in a thick blanket of good n' slippery stuff.  It wasn't bad climbing but descending the mtn was a bit trickier.  There were a few patches where my wheels slipped and I dove for the safety of the painted but wet centerline!  After a few miles another cyclist came down and said some rangers were on the road (it is a park and they can write tickets) - so after about covering nearly 1/2 the climb I turned around figuring worse things were ahead. 



Because of the rain yesterday (and the fact that I'm still <100%) - I went with Soda and did a pretty easy swim workout.  My HR wasn't hitting 170 on the harder efforts like it was Thursday - so that was a good sign.  We also got out afterwards for an easy 30+ min run, not as long as I would like to have got in -but better than sitting on my enormous rear.  I'm sure Soda will blog about how she beat on me in the pool but since I know she cracks at about 200W on the bike, I'm not too worried (laughing hilariously now but I'm sure she'll fire back with SOMETHING).  I was grateful for the fact that very few people actually swim at the Bay Club Marin - as I was testing out our new team tri suit to see how it felt swimming- that's right, fully race suit in the pool.  If I'm going to be racing in something for 5 hours, it better be comfy and it was.  Thanks for not laughing Soda.


Here's the route I took - even with all the rough weather here, it's still better than Seattle.


here's where things stood at the end of the week:

Period Workouts Hours Total Workouts Total Hours
Week 1 (12/30 - 1/5) 4 4.75 4 4.75
Week 2 (1/6 - 1/12) 12 - projected 2.5 1 5.75

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Anonymous said...

Hey you know what I have been biking for only 6 months, I am a runner NOT a biker. You just wait and see what happens in the next few months!!