Sunday, January 20, 2008


That one hurt.  Today was a 95 min run  - I was hoping to get in over 11.25 miles as well as doing it over a pretty hilly route (I got in over 1,400 ft of climbing).  I did both.  Below is the elevation of the run - the bump in the middle is a road called Camino Alto.  I went south - so it was about a 1.75 uphill run with an avg grade of 7-8%.  I started out running easy - Z1-Z2 for 30-35 min's.  I hit the hill and went up to 172-175 for the next 50 minutes and then back again into Z1/2. 


Here are my mile splits by pace:


You can see that I climbed the hill around an 8:35 pace and then came down it at a 6:28 pace - it's only 1 mile down the south side.  Then I followed a hilly climb back up to Tiburon from Mill Valley - ending the run with an avg pace of 8:05 (Motion Based said I ran 8:02s) for 11.65 (the Garmin Forerunner 201 couldn't find a satellite for the first few 10ths).  The next few long runs will likely be a bit flatter so I can work on speed- I think I've done some decent hill work.  I'll probably alternate hilly routes with flatter ones over the next 8 weeks.  For my recovery day tomorrow I'll do some easy swimming and a super easy 25 mile ride home.  Tuesday I've got another swim/run brick day with a ride home that will mix in a few intervals on the bike, Wednesday will be a longer run with about 20 mins of tempo and some strides with another easy ride home (25 miles) and Thursday is off so that I can be rested for my bike LT test on Friday AM at Endurance PTC with Matt Dixon.  I've got this week as a pretty tough week and then I'll have a slightly easier week from Feb 1-Feb 7.  This should give me a decent build up with a few weeks averaging 3.5-4 hours of running, 9.5-10 hours of biking and 2.5 hours of swimming. 

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